“You Look Like a Bottom” | Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks can be deceiving and I had many of you fooled! 

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First, let’s speak about the fact that judging a person based on their looks is immature as fuck. 

Second, I can look like a whole ass bottom and still put in more work than most tops you’ve ever had in your entire bottoming career.

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Let’s just call it what it is… 

Judgment within the gay community is very toxic and I mean TOXIC from these loose walls ass bottoms to these funky hung dick tops.

We have many people making assumptions out of their arses.

You judge the book by its cover before you even flip through the first 5 pages. 

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What you think you know, what you think you have figured out is wrong in most situations regarding somebody looking like a whole ass “bottom.”

This is something that I’ve had to deal with from day one in this community.

I came into the gay community being forced into categories and lanes outside of the ones I wanted to create for myself.

You look like a bottom…

You have bottom tendencies…

You’re not MASC enough…

Why you look feminine? 

Are you feminine?

You ever topped before?

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I mean the list of statements and questions regarding my sexual position is beyond annoying. 

I’m sure many of you, who are like me (in-between) feel the same fucking way.

Why can’t we just be great? 

Why can’t we just do what makes us happy by our standards involving sexuality? 

Why must I be forced to act a certain way?

Move a certain way…

Talk a certain way to appease you? 

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I’m whatever I choose to be and however, way I decide to express myself that day.

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You are somebody regardless of what others try to call you, force you to be, change you.

Be the individual you want to be and you’re importance is just as important as theirs.

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I see why a lot of “bottoms” do switch up and become “fake tops.” 

Or whatever y’all like to call them. Cause GAWD forbid they decide to just try something new or express themselves differently they’re FAKE.

I get it now and it took me a long time to fully understand the mentality with a lot of gay men in this community. 

It took me forever to understand why so many gay men think this way.

I have never defined myself as anything other than just being ANTHONY. 

If anybody knows me they know I don’t do labels

The only reason why I may mention a label is to explain something regarding the gay community in their terminology. So you, the community, who use the terms and go by the labels can understand. 

I don’t feel like labels are bad but I also believe that labels have created a certain division within the gay community. 

We should be FREE when it comes to expressing our sexuality. 

Nobody should be forced to ACT a certain way just to be embraced or accepted. People can have their preferences for how they like their man to be, but that doesn’t change my expression when it comes to my sexuality.

I can be a whole ass top and queen the fuck out if I feel the need to do that. Click To Tweet

Why judge me if I decide to look more feminine than masculine or act as a whole ass queen? 

Does that stop me from sliding up in a man’s ass and fucking the shit out of him? 

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My personality.




I should never define, who I am as a gay man or my sexual position/preference based on YOUR opinion of me.

If I want to look a certain way, that’s my prerogative.

We need to stop worrying about what other gay men don’t like and do what makes us happy. 

A lot of you know this already, but I see it all the time. 

Gays are out here pretending just to be approved or wanted.

I don’t care if I turn a man on or off regarding the way I come across or act. 

This is who I am and I shouldn’t have to pipe down, turn down, turn off my true being for your insecurities, lack of expression, and close-mindedness.

For every gay man that tells you, that you look like something that doesn’t register with your soul and spirit, play them no mind! 

Don’t allow people to define you. 

Love yourself inside and out for all your flaws, imperfections, and issues.

You were designed differently for a reason!

It doesn’t matter if you’re feminine or masculine do what feels right to you and not what feels right by other gays. 

You can change a lot about yourself but if you not “whole,”

If you not complete “inside” then none of those changes matter. 

You won’t ever be happy if you focus on what other gay men find attractive or appealing.

Cause unless you look like this

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OR one of them 

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Than more than likely, you won’t be good enough!


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Stop focusing on what other gay men say about you but focus on how you feel about yourself! 

Especially on social media, the lack of likes and hearts can cause a person to question their entire existence and it’s never that deep.

As long as you LIKE yourself and LOVE yourself then nothing else matters but those who agree with you.


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