You Hate Us In Public But Love US Behind Closed Doors!

A lot of these homophobic ass men love to bash and degrade us in public, but quick to get on their knees for us behind closed doors.

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We have to stop allowing these closeted homosexuals or “straight men” who act like they want nothing to do with us in public to have all of us in secret. 

These are the same men who love to hate you for who you are but also what you stand for and represent. 

The issue comes into play when these men can’t stand the fact that you remind them of who they are or what they low key wish they could be out in the open.

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Deep inside it eats away at their closeted ass souls. 

It’s almost like they envy you for being proud and open with your sexuality.

It’s like they immediately want to lash out in a jealous rage.

Once again, what would make a STRAIGHT MAN so uncomfortable about a homosexual if there’s no true connection between the two?

If you like and LOVE women why do I bother you so bad? 

If you indulge in pussaaayyyy then why you worried about bussy???




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Correct me if I’m wrong.

But does a hit dog not holla?

Last time I checked they do.

The average straight-identifying man does not and would never focus or care about homosexuals.

Not to the extreme like some of these so-called “I can’t stand them, gays, over there!” type of men.

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When a man is truly CONFIDENT in his manhood and his sexuality why would little ole me and my gay ass have you so uncomfortable?

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What got you feeling some type of way???

Is it the fact that we somehow arouse you in a way that you can’t hide it so you act out because you’re turned on?

Closeted homosexuals who do the most questionable shit are the main ones who partake in harassing us. 

You would think these men have women on call but nah they too busy worried about our gay arses.

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Suspicious enough???

Why does it bother you to your core and I truly mean have you PISSEDTTT! At the very sight of one of us?

What intrigues you so much to worry about them gay guys over there or the gay fem down the block?

Do you have the urge to burst out into rainbow flames and throw glitter from the pit of your fragile heterosexual heart and hyper-masculine soul?

WHAT have you so worked up?

WHO are you trying to separate yourself from?

WHY are you so bothered, sir???

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It doesn’t matter how these men act or what they have to say. 

A man that is 100% (more like 2% with these type of men) heterosexual does not spend his time worrying about homosexuals. 


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The moment a straight man lets you know he wants nothing to do with you is the moment he’s telling you he wants everything to do with you.




It’s so frustrating to come across these homophobes who are always lashing out at us Gays, but these same people ain’t got nothing to hide?

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I mean, what other reason would we be a concern for you unless you are a part of the same circle.


Oh, wait…

Urban Dictionary: and I oop


Unless you too have this urge to express your inner queerness

We come in peace, and most of us mind our own business


How are you going to feel a way about a person that has nothing to do with you? 

People who do not affect your life in absolutely no type of way. 

What do you get from having a hateful heart towards a group of people who want to be just as equal as you?

The reason you hate us is the reason you love us and can’t get enough of us.

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It’s okay, come out that dusty ass closet, sus. 

We got enough rainbows and glitter for you to play in. 

Some of these “straight men” got the best booty.


I’m sure a lot of tops (and some of us low key bottoms) on a good day, would love to do some early summer cleaning with y’all to get that closet cleaned out.


Just learn how to properly wash your ass.

I ain’t here for that bullshit about its homo to clean in-between the crack of yo ass and your balls. 


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Sometimes it’s better not to fight fire with fire because it only worsens the flames.

The best thing to do with people who don’t see it for you is to reflect their truth back onto them. 

A person can argue with a lie, but they can never fight the truth especially when it’s in their reflection they can’t help but see it.

People often hate seeing what reminds them of themselves that often they try to deny, hide, or even reject it to the point of becoming obsessed with the very thing they claim they can’t stand. 

Stop being shady towards the community and let us embrace you with open arms and an open mouth and hole for some of you who like to do the poking. NO HOMO! 😉 


I mean you do enough shit behind closed doors. 

You mind as well fuck with us in the open!

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