Why Can’t Black Men Explore Their Sexuality Without Being Labeled Gay Or Bi | HBO’s Hit Series Insecure And A Real Life Discussion!

LOVEEEE HBO’s hit series Insecure. This show has been one of my favorite shows in recent years on the network. I think HBO has an excellent team behind the original series.

I wanted to address a scene from the show’s first season on Episode 6: A Real One.

“Why can’t Black men explore their sexuality without being labeled Gay or bi.

“Because I want my man to be a man,” M***y replies. 

We need to have more conversations about sexuality and gender roles. This is a topic that most Black shows do not want to touch on. I appreciate various of other bloggers (Gay and straight) for speaking about this episode. Bisexuality is often a hush-hush thing. People hate to discuss it or they lack the ability to grasp the subject of bisexuality enough to invest their opinions on it. Often when they address bisexuality, it results in complete ignorance. They often use the term [bisexual] in place of s****l experimentation. Instead of accepting that some people do in fact experiment with their sexuality. People often want to push them into a category or a box mis-labeling them.

So sus, why can’t Black men explore their sexuality without being labeled bi or Gay?


People are small-minded.

Some people lack the ability to understand or educate themselves on sexuality and all forms of s****l pleasures that [both genders] partake in regardless of their s****l role or s****l identity

Anal s*x can be a pleasuring act for anybody. It’s a scientific fact that stimulation of the male G-SPOT is an actual turn on for most men. Would we say a man is GAY for wanting anal stimulation? NO, it’s a pleasuring experience. He may find pleasure from being penetrated by women anally. Why does that have to make him GAY? Why can’t he be a straight-identifying man, who happens to enjoy having anal s*x performed on him? How can we define scientific facts to sexuality? The G-Spot has no requirement for s****l orientation.

I believe most people have a curious mind for sexuality. I feel few people act on their curiosities enough to experiment or explore those options. Then you have [the others] who feel the urge to experiment but don’t out of the fear of being judged. So they suppress those feelings and desires, and it has to be an internal battle and struggle. They also like to lash out at others for being sexually liberated and open-minded.

If a Black man asked his wife to bring a man into the bedroom to have anal pleasure for himself, she would look at him crazy. It’s acceptable for a man to invite another female into their bed because it’s socially acceptable. If he wants a man to join the bedroom, it becomes taboo and abnormal.




When you mix ignorance into the equation, you end up with small-mindedness, narrow arse opinionated individuals. Who often put limitations on their natural curiosities. These are the closet freaks who speak against it in public but behind closed doors, they do everything and anything they claim they wouldn’t do.


Never allow these people to trick you with their judgemental arse opinions for sexuality and men exploring their options.

Most [DL] men are the most significant critics of homosexuality. But don’t let them slip up and reveal their desires and low truths. Yes, the same ones that talk about Gay s*x and how it’s so unnatural usually be the ones that low key wanting it the most.

How do you guys feel about women who swear they’d never get involve with a man who has slept with other man? In the same breath, some of these women will speak on their curiosity and also experiences of being with other women. The tables turn when it involves the opposite s*x experiencing those same curiosities.

Why label a Black straight-identifying men who have experimented with the same s*x as Gay based on his encounters? Why push that label on him for exploring his s****l cravings?


That’s the BS! That’s the ish I can’t deal with!!!

I’ve heard many arguments about gender roles and sexuality in the past. I don‘t see the problem for straight-identifying men to explore their options. The only problem I have is when they are living double lives and are misleading or not being honest with those they are in committed relationships with.

With the fact I have spoken to many straight-identifying men who experiment sexually with other men. Most of these curious minded men do not want the label of being Gay attached to them. Some for selfish reasons and others for not wanting anybody to force them into a box.



My honest opinion if a man wants to experiment sexually let him explore all options. Don’t place labels and restrictions on him due to what you may want for him. That goes for mothers, girlfriends, flings, etc. You have no say in his choices whether if you are with him or if you’re just a fling on the side. People want to tell these men what to do with their sexuality as if these men don’t have the right to free will.

His sexuality doesn’t define who he is as a man nor should Black Gay men face judgement based on their s****l curiosities. People need to stop labeling and shaming others for their s****l experiences and desires are out of your control.

I will end this post with the following opinion, down below. I’ll let you guys see the ignorant arse opinion we often have to deal with as a community of LGBTQ+ people. Therefore, I make posts like this to speak on ish that some folks love to spread uneducated knowledge about.

 Please stop. People do not wish to live with rules or any accountability [lol]. Love who you Love. Be who you want to be but stop lying and trying to justify it to us. If you’re a man & sleep with men, you’re Gay. If you’re a woman who sleeps with women, your Gay. If you’re a man who dresses like the opposite s*x, your GAY AS F AND A WALKING F’ing IDENTITY CRISIS.
My response to him and his homophobic arse opinion! 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

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