“What Separates You From These Other Men?” Question For Your Next Potential Love Interest! 0 535

Fellas we not asking these men enough questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask him everything you want to know and find out about even on the first date. You can’t just date people without getting to know them and I mean get to know them inside and out. Some people won’t show you their true colors until months into dating them.

Most of them won’t tell you half of the ish you should have know from that first message exchange.

I think the most important question would be, “what separates you from other men?”

This is a deal breaker and if he can’t answer this question, then that says it all.

I feel like a man should know who he is and what separates him from other men.

There are a million guys out here all with similar qualities and traits. So for me, I need somebody who can stand out from the crowd. I want to feel like I’m dating somebody so different that he’s almost a rare breed.

Common guys with common ish give the same results.

If you want to put somebody in the hot seat, then this is the best question to ask them.

Pay attention to their reaction down to their body language. If a guy can provide you with a confident response, then he’s a good contender. In my honest opinion a man confident in himself and his ability to give you what you need is a great potential bae.

While you can get excited about meeting a guy with a lot to offer you also have to be careful. Some men are good charmers and can talk a good game.

I think a humbled man is a true gentleman. So if the guy has an intimate way of responding then you may have found a good one.

The most he can prove himself the better and his words actually adds up to his actions. I mean only time would tell you if he’s the one you need or not. I wouldn’t rush too fast, but allow him to show you everything he’s telling you.

Good talk don’t always equal up to good love. I think you’ll know if you’re able to connect with his response and also his emotions behind it.

For me, if I can’t feel what a man is telling me then I don’t want to get too deep. Sometimes we get so excited by somebody that we just fall head over heels in love. Just trust your gut and intuition and everything else will fall into place!

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