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For me, being Black, gay and proud is something I wouldn’t trade in for nothing in this world. There’s nothing more important than self-worth and self-love. In my mind to be Black, gay and proud is truly a blessing — despite all trials and tribulations.

People often have their opinions about who we are and what we represent. I feel like until you walk in our shoes you’ll never understand — not only our struggles but our triumphs. The obstacles we endure and the love we all share is undeniable. You can’t deny a proud Black gay man. You can’t even break our spirit — that’s why I’m proud of who I am.

When I see my brothers I see strength and their ability to overcome anything.

When you think about the discrimination not only from society but sometimes from each other, it can be disheartening.


We have to support each other and show love even if we do not agree with lifestyle choices or desires.

What makes us all equal is our testimonies and our stripes. If you haven’t read my article | two strikes against us: challenges of being Black and gay then make sure you check it out after reading this post.

I believe as a community we are powerful. We need to continue the work within the community before we expand the fight among society.

We can’t get nobody to hear us if we not willing to listen to each other. We can’t expect anybody to see it for us, until we support and uplift each other. What we bring to the table will help us be able to deliver our truths to society. We can’t change everybody’s opinions about us but we can influence those who will accept us.

I love everything about being Black, gay and proud. I love the way we motivate not only ourselves but each other. The way we can demand attention but also can change the culture and create a movement.

Everything we have created for the community has been duplicated, copied and influenced among society and in entertainment. We do not always know the power we all have as Black gay men. We are the face of creativity and so much more. If it wasn’t for us entertainment wouldn’t be as entertaining.

If you haven’t looked in the mirror this morning and told yourself that you love you, then you need to do that this morning.

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Admire your flaws, imperfections and also what others point out as wrong.

Being Black and gay isn’t a crime and we shouldn’t be penalized for embracing that we are proud of it. Don’t let what people say change the way you view yourself. Love yourself no matter what anybody else feels about you. This is the skin you’re in and if you can’t embrace that then nobody can embrace it for you.

We deserve to not only love ourselves but to make sure we remind ourselves that self-love is all we got that nobody else can incriminate. When you love you, there’s nothing another person can do or say to impact or derail your journey of self-discovery and self-love.

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I am Black and I am gay but of all things I am proud! And I hope those who are reading this article are proud as well.

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