Two Strikes Against Us: Challenges Of Being Black And Gay 4 4448

There are two things we can not change about ourselves, and that is we are Black and gay.

How can somebody incriminate us because we were born this way?

None of us had the choice to choose our race or sexual orientation, but yet we’re treated as criminals from society and the Black community.

Two strikes!

One strike because the Black church and community want nothing to do with us.

The second strike because society sees us by the color of our skin before they view our sexual orientation. 

I want every single one of you to be comfortable in your skin.

You are beautiful, and even the words faggot, phunk, sussy, fag, battyboi, chi chi man, flamer, fruit cake, bitch boy can not and will not dim your light.

It’s almost as if people expect us to apologize for being Black and gay.

REMEMBER: We have two strikes against us.

Why do we have to apologize for being our authentic selves?

The walk for the average Black homosexual is challenging, and it forces us to battle with constant hardships. But no matter how difficult the travel gets for us.

We will always come out on top.

We always come out stronger than we were the day before…

They can not break, destroy, deny or derail us.

I mentioned two strikes, well how about we make it three?


They want to see you suppressed, hopeless and broken. The moment they see a Black gay, proud man, it’s almost terrifying for them. “How dare you be Black, gay and then be proud?”

The argument about homosexuality being a choice is ignorant. Who in their right mind would face hatred and ridicule every single day of their life by choice? Although we didn’t choose this lifestyle, we wear our shit to our best ability. Nothing can defeat us. We always strive for greatness even in our moments of feeling hopeless.

I have a genuine question for the homophobes,

“If the shoe was on the other foot would you be able to wear it?”


It’s easy to hate what you don’t understand and judge what you don’t know. They can’t speak about our lives and they can’t tell our stories.

There was no choice for me. 

I would rather walk another thousand miles in my shoes as a Black gay man and proud of it.

This hasn’t been an easy journey, but I made it. You made it. We have overcome every obstacle in our way and we will continue to overcome our two strikes even if given a third one.

 I think we are undefeated and even with the challenges, we always remain champions.

We deal with racism and homophobia, but still, nothing can break us.

We all share that spirit of fight, and in numbers, we are powerful, and no amount of discrimination and hatred can touch us.

Two strikes against us but yet we continue marching and stomping the pavement!

Your strikes are only stripes of courage and strength.

Your strikes are stripes of honor and bravery.

It takes a coward to strike a survivor.

Stay Strong.

Stay Resilient.

Stay Proud.

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