Trans Man Of Color And Proud Of It: Elijah Rose Speaks About Dating, Love, Stealth And Gay Men Of Trans Experience 0 561

I love me some fine ass trans men. When I met Elijah a year ago on Facebook, I was, shocked because he is so fine but as I got to know him. I learned that there were more to him than just his looks. This man has so much wisdom and opinions about trans lives as a trans man of color. He has a lot to offer you guys from his own perspective as a trans man. You guys will love this one on one with Elijah. Make sure you guys show him, mad love. He’s a teddy gram for real!
JBA: When you first transitioned into your manhood. When did you realize that you were in fact attracted to cis-men? A lot of gay men don’t understand how a trans man or woman transition but still find themselves attracted to the same sex. It’s ignorant that people don’t understand the difference between gender and sexual identity.
They have always been attractive to be honest. I was just never comfortable as a female to talk to them. Because of the whole “alpha” male ego and this role that some men expect a female to uphold. I need men to know regardless of what’s between my legs. It doesn’t mean, I can’t hold my own, emotionally and physically when dealing with a male.
JBA: Before transitioning what was your sexual preference?
I was just me never put myself in anyone’s box.
JBA: At what age did you know deep down inside you didn’t connect to your birth gender?
Around 7-8 and as a teen in my head. I was always transitioning just not physically.
JBA: A lot of gay men fantasize about being involved with a trans man. For them, it’s more so about having that sexual experience more than anything else. I interviewed Rashod X. Brown. He expressed his feelings about this aspect of dealing with gay men. In his opinion, the lack of respect for trans men bothered him. Why do you feel like gay men and sometimes straight men often use trans men for sexual perks?
It is very frustrating when some men approach me and how they approach me. The first impression is everything! Another thing that bothers me is when “bottoms” who are vocal about being bottoms approach me and put on this now I’m a “top” role. Makes me look at you like you’re fake. Also makes me feel you’re putting on this role just because you know I’m a trans man. Just be yourself!
JBA: How do you feel about trans men being surrogates and birth carriers for same-sex couples or in their own relationships?
Carrying doesn’t bother me at all. I would carry.
JBA: If you could date gay men or other trans men, women, etc. Which one would be your ultimate choice and why?
I would be with men. There is more of a connection on a lot of stuff even though I’m open to dating whoever as long as they’re respectful, open-minded and consistent. They have should also show me they are career driven and can see beyond stereotypes, then I’m down
JBA: Let’s speak about the stealth lifestyle within the trans community. For those of you reading right now. Stealth means “passing” and not disclosing that you’re trans. At any point in your life did you consider going the stealth route?
When it comes down to being stealth, everyone’s story is different and different strokes for different folks. What I’m saying is it’s a personal prerogative. There can be a safety risk with doing that. I’m sure people know of those and have their own rules they go by when considering themselves stealthOn social media platforms, I’m honest about who I am. Most people don’t know I’m a trans man though until they view my social media. So I would say I’m passable.
JBA: Would you date a trans man or trans woman?
Yes, I would date another trans man. There are quite a few I’ve had my eyes on, and I know they’ve had their eyes on me. The stars just haven’t aligned yet [LOL].
I’ve never been with a trans-woman before, and I’m not closed minded to it at all! There are a lot of attractive ladies out there. As far as the being dysfunctional and complicated, eh that’s another Q&A for someone who has dated a trans woman [LOL]. I can’t speak from an experience I have never embarked on.
JBA: If you could go back in time do you think you would transition again?
I don’t regret my decision at all. I’m happy with the man I’ve become and excited to see where the rest of my journey takes me mentally, emotionally and physically.
JBA: Let’s speak about advising young trans men who may be in the pre-transition stage of their trans-hood and reading this article. They may not have the means to get the surges, emotional support from family, friends, etc. What’s one piece of advice you would give them?
I would say research on your own first! No question is a stupid question. There are more support groups out there nowadays for those who are considering transitioning. It’s not rainbows and sunshine, but with support groups sometimes it’s your home away from home, and you’re able to be yourself. 
JBA: Do you feel trans men are, rejected from the gay community?
Folks of trans experience are, rejected everywhere! I wouldn’t narrow it down just to the “gay” community. People become threatened by what they don’t understand not realizing that we are all rowing in the same boat. I’m sure a lot of folks were, rejected back when they realized who they were and what they were, attracted too! So it’s like a big contradiction for someone to reject someone just because they’re different from you.
JBA: The LGBT community often bash trans women. I can only imagine how much negativity trans men endure. If you could tell us one instance of dealing with negativity as a trans man, what was that experience like for you?
Believe it or not but I’ve gotten bullied by two gay men on social media. Shit, they were cowards making fake profiles to talk shit. [Man or Woman] say what you have to say to a person without hiding behind a keyboard. Stuff like I don’t allow it to get to me because it doesn’t pay my bills, and it’s not physically hurting me.
JBA: Yes, I know. I received my first homophobic tweet a week ago. Thank you for doing this interview. Could you share some of your social media platforms with the readers?



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