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cash app me the money now: scammers stop scamming!

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santana lopez glee GIF

I have zero time for games or bullshit. Like seriously! I can’t stand these fake ass sugar daddies on these dating apps.

I got bills.

I got responsibilities.

I got shit I need to pay!

If you going to slide in my DMs be legit!

Nobody has time for these fraudulent ass scamming ass sugar daddies.

Don't hit me up talking about, do I want you to wire me funds? Noooo...

If you going to send me the paper, dollas, guap then make sure you cash app me.

pay me bitch better have my money GIF by Rihanna

show me the money GIF


scammers no scamming!!!

It’s 2020 who the fuck ain’t on game?

who really out here getting cat-fished over some fake ass funds and online scams?

viola davis smh GIF by HULU

The only way we can verify these motherfuckas is to make them cash app us the money ASAP!

I’m always available for a nasty donation.

I don’t mind having a sugar daddy that’s down to fill my bank account up.

For all these fake ass sugar daddies! No, we don’t want you to wire us any money. No, we’re not interested in you sending us a cheque. No, you can’t deposit shit into my bank account.

I need for these foreigners to do better. At least spell check the shit. How the fuck you can’t even spell America right? Smh.

The scamming game is done and over. Y’all need to find the next wave and jump on it. Most of us are well advantaged on the scams y’all still attempting to do but failing and struggling all across the board.

 It’s a chop sus!

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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