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Internalized homophobia

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How do we support and help men who deal and battle with internalized homophobia?

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Whether if they're dealing with an internal battle with their sexuality or pressure from relatives and friends. Being gay is hard enough but it's extremely hard when you don't understand yourself or can't completely accept who you truly are. 

I've known several gay guys who came from religious households and were heavily involved in the church. Some of those men were extremely damaged, hurt, broken and in-denial.

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A lot of closeted gay men just couldn't embrace their truth. They often feel guilty and even question their sexuality. When in fact they know their true desires. It's painful to see a lot of these gay men dealing with internalized homophobia. It's almost like watching a person become self-destructive with no solution. That type of fight is long going and horrified. 

What methods could these guys use to overcome or even find the strength to face their struggles head-on? I know some would say seeking help from professionals. What do you guys think? 

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I think self love is not always learned but can be found with some deep soul searching. A lot of gay men do not take enough time to love themselves. We have a lot of hurt people chasing love from all the wrong places. The most love comes from within before any other source out here. 

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