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All the signs that a man just not interested in you!

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Let's go down the list of ways of knowing if a man isn't interested in you. 

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1.) He never wants to meet in person.

2.) He never wants to take any pictures with you (not for social media but even for you to keep in your phone.)

3.) He doesn’t claim you and avoids any conversation of being official.

4.) You only get one-word responses from him. 

5.) Shows no interest in your life, desires, goals, dreams or how your day went in general.

6.) He boldly confesses his interest in other men. 

7.) You initiate every text, phone call, date plan.

8.) He never keeps his word to you. He flips flops left to right.

9.) He doesn't wanna call you all he likes to do is text.

10.) You've been seeing him for a year and he still has dating apps on his phone.

11.) If none of his friends or family knows about you and y’all been talking for way more than a year.

12.) He tells you he wants nothing serious after sleeping with you.

13. They too “busy” to text or call you but all over social media. 

What's yours?

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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