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Dear Gays: Microwavable Relationships: Lets Talk!

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The question of the day for many of you reading this article is why (A strong why!) do you guys feel gay relationships are so complicated?


I’m curious to find out why so many of our gay brothers struggle at building or maintaining relationships.

(Don’t be shy — you can leave a comment about this as well.)

Every time I go on Facebook or IG these gay couples are switching up and swooping new partners every other week or month.


Nothing seems stable and most of these couples fail to connect to each other outside of smoking and sex.


These microwaveable relationships are toxic.

These microwavable relationships will be the downfall of our future.

These microwaveable relationships are sky-high trending in our community.


Everything is so fast pace from the talking phase to the meeting to fucking to jumping in love prematurely.

A lot of these gay men (some of you reading this as well!) jump from one dick to the next in a short period of time.

Some of y’all be jumping from dick to dick just to get the last dick taste off your tongue.

I’ve seen some gays with a new boyfriend every two weeks. Some of you don’t even wash your sheets as often as you find a new man. No shade but shade, Pooh!


We have to stop getting in relationships that we are not willing to nurture or grow into over time. The issue is when we have to remember not to be so quick to throw in the towel at the slightest issue or problem that we may often come across in the relationship.

But the biggest factor for all these microwavable relationships is due to many gays searching for the love that they lack within themselves.


Bang bang!!! Yeah, I went all the way the fuck in. If it hit you hard just now, you know it’s the truth too.

You running from one man to the next in hopes of finding love but you don’t see that YOU ARE the main factor in all of your relationship mess.

Instead of building strong relationships a lot of you treat dating as if you’re at a speed dating event. The only issue is y’all already supposedly established the relationship with the person and now you onto the next guy just as fast.

The same issues going to keep surfacing in every relationship you jump into overnight because you not taking time to get to know these men nor yourself.


I have been there and I've done it and I can confess to not being able to honestly love myself first.

You want to love everybody but your own self cause you will have to face your own insecurities or issues.

You think you've found somebody to take on those challenges but you only end up meeting yourself in that other person.

You think they going to love you for you and love you through your pain. They don’t because just like you they don’t often know how to love themselves either.

So we have a lot of guys chasing love from everybody else but themselves first and foremost. Some of these men struggle with identity issues, abandonment, trauma and more from their childhood oftentimes relating to their sexuality.

So how do you expect hurt people not to hurt you too?

How do you expect hurt people who don’t love themselves or know themselves enough to love and genuinely get to know you?

The truth is they not going to be willing to fight for you as you should fight for yourself.


Most guys who run from relationship to relationship do not take a moment to stop and realize they running from all of their own problems.

The only result you will get is a cycle of dysfunctional microwavable relationships back to back. Just a new dick to conquer only to end up back single with a wet ass and nothing to show for it.


In order for a relationship to work, you need to work on yourself before building the relationship.

Guys, we need to stop pointing our fingers at every guy we deal with but also notice that we also have to focus on our involvement as well.

That’s not the case for everybody but even staying with a guy who ain’t shit is just as toxic.

If you with a man and you can’t tell him about shit or the obvious baggage he’s carried into your current relationship then give it up now.


Why would you stay in a bad relationship? What happened in your past relationship(s) for you to tolerate the current negative one?

Microwavable relationships do not benefit either party involved. If anything you both end up losing more than gaining by the end of the quick romance. It doesn’t last because most of the time neither of you has anything to bring to the table or to offer outside of the bedroom.


it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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