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Two Tops in a Relationship: Let's Break Down These Gay Barriers!

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In 2020 I want you guys to understand that being open-minded is important! There's nothing wrong with breaking down barriers that others deem as taboo or incorrect. In the gay community, we are so role focused that we forget a connection is supposed to start outside of the bedroom. You should connect to other men in more ways than just their sexual position.

We often don't look beyond the bedroom which is why most of our relationships start and end in the bedroom.


Y'all know this shit is the truth. You fall in love with his sex and maybe catch feelings later.

Nowadays it's all about fucking over loving.

But if you just happen to be open-minded (like me) then you know that all options are available to you. I have been considering the idea of being in a relationship with another top.


I know y'all think I'm crazy but legitimately, I have met some TOPS that I've found to be emotionally and mentally attractive.

Before you dismiss this post altogether just know it's possible for two tops (as well as two bottoms) to be in a fully loving committed relationship.

How things happen in the bedroom can be altered and changed. Being open-minded with your partner will open doors and introduce you to new things. There are many options for two tops to be together and also enjoy their sex life.

I have been in a bottom-bottom relationship.

For me, there are no limits to a potential top-top relationship(s).

I met a guy recently who was a top and he assumed that I was a bottom. Our connection was instant and he asked me about my sexual position. I told him I was a top and he was caught off guard.


For some reason, he thought that it would become a problem because he's a top as well.

At this point, I'm so beyond the standards of the gay community. I told him I was still interested and sexually we could figure something out.

Don't allow these sexual positions to stop you from connecting or finding true love. As gay men we should be looking beyond our sexual positions. There's more to us and we got a lot more to offer a person outside of sex.

I feel like if you can look beyond the bedroom then you have nothing to hold you back from finding love.

The bedroom is a bonus to that connection or potential relationship. The bedroom should not be the main focus of dating somebody. I don't care what it is if you connect to a person then connect and be happy.

A lot of you could be in loving relationships if you break down these barriers and remove the mentality of bottoms and bottoms/tops and tops don't go together. That heteronormative mindset has corrupted and limited us from finding authentic connections to other men.

Think outside of the box and focus on more than just what you can do in the bedroom with somebody.

When a person is open-minded they don't care about just sex. Sex is the last thing on their mind in-fact if it's even a factor at all. These people are successful at finding love cause they not looking for any sexual positions or roles they just want genuine connections. That's all that matters and all that should matter just connect and see what happens!

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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