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Sex Shaming in the Gay Community!

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Somebody mentioned to me that they feel like they're constantly being sex shamed online. For some reason, they feel criticized by other gays for their expressiveness regarding them posting nudes and videos.


Me personally I love all the freakiness. Being celibate, I find myself enjoying the freak profiles on twitter and private IG accounts. I love all of y'all's sexual escapades.


I notice a lot of sex-shaming online as well and it's usually coming from those who happen to be sexless. No shade but facts on it.


For some reason, it's always the gays who ain't getting no dick, no ass, no mouth that be doing the most ranting and raving about it. If a person wants to post nudes or amateur porn then let them.


On the flick side because I gotta say this also. You can't be mad when dealing with only one type of man. If you have guys who come onto you don't be shocked. You can't be confused about why only certain men approach you for certain things.


If you can't find guys to date understand it's more than likely to do with your content online. But I feel like if you are fully aware of the negative responses from what you expose to the world as far as what you do behind closed doors then you can't be mad. That's the only bad side to being free and open with your sexual liberation. People will assume they can use you only for sex.


But nobody deserves to be shamed for their sexual appetite or sexual liberation. What I feel matters is the fact that safe sex is still being practiced. Even if you want to go raw that's your prerogative.


What you eat I won't shit. What you do will reflect on your own outcome it doesn't affect me in any way. So I don't understand the sex-shaming in the gay community. What other gay men do with their bodies is none of your concern at all. A lot of gay men are hypocrites. They'll buss a nutt to your porn but turn around and leave all types of comments about how you a hoe, etc. a lot of these gay men got that ass-backward mentality.


If somebody is sex-shaming you more than likely they foaming at the mouth due to the fact they ain't getting no dick or ass. Period. How can a person be mad at what you do with your body in the privacy of your own home? They have no connection to you. 


We give people more power over our lives and the choices we make by responding to them.


More than likely you won't meet these individuals in real life. Also, I highly doubt that they'll be bold enough to step to you in that way.


Sex shaming is done by those who don't get any sex or feel like nobody wants them sexually.


Enough said. That's all. Stop giving people attention for the stupid shit they say. It's one thing to promote or speak of protection and condoms but if they talking about the act itself then they a troll.

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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