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Dear Gays: He's Mr. Right but Mr. Wrong in the Bedroom!

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Fellas let's talk about this matter for a second cause I feel like some of you are dealing with this as I type this article.

He's Mr. Right but Mr. Wrong in the bedroom. Yes, fellas, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We've all been in this situation and it can be extremely disappointing. Not because his sex game is wack but because you just were expecting better.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of guys be bragging and talking big shit. We already know this and even though we see through the shit they say we often find ourselves feeling let down.

Let's start off with the fact that about 75% of guys who claim they got it really don't. 25% of them do or they know how to go beyond just the shit they claim to be able to do.

Now when it comes to sex you can only improve it with him. It may take some time but I think if this isn't a deal-breaker for you it can be fixed. If the size is an issue or he lied about it and you finally made it to the bedroom and found out the truth. Then that's a different situation for a whole different post.

I think we can work with somethings more than other shit when it comes to his sex game.

Having Mr. Right but oh so wrong in the bedroom can be a hassle but a challenge that is worth taking on. I would never throw a whole good man away over his sex skills or lack of. Whether if he has a hard time lasting longer than 20 minutes or can't stroke your boat good enough. For some of you, it may be his oral skills or lack of interest in certain things that you crave for the most.

I'm going to give y'all some pointers and maybe this will benefit some of you who are currently in this situation.


The first direction to go in is communication. You have to be able to talk to him about what he may be lacking.

Talking through it is easier than to run away or get rid of him. Sex is very important but it's how well you communicate that makes the sex excellent.

Speak about it and if he can't meet you halfway to fix or improve things then go from there. But don't jump from disappointment to being over it and losing a potentially good man. Cause guess what? Another gay is going to take him and build him into a sex-machine. Don't believe me just take my word for it!


If he's not comfortable or open to certain things that you love to do then ask him to compromise.

You can't go wrong with compromising vice versa. This doesn't just go for the guy who's bad in bed but for you as well.

Compromising as far as little things but not using protection and raw sex is a different type of compromise.

Compromising is common and most people compromise sexually with their partners to make them happy and satisfied. It's a give and take. Sex is nothing more than an exchange and both partners should be happy. 


One thing to help improve guy's sex skills is by experimenting with new things. This could be sex toys or even different sexual positions. I've heard of couples exploring as far as orgies or threesomes. Try new environments. Role-playing could definitely help cause it often puts people in a different mindset.


Fellas patience patience patience is needed and required. You can not jump from one thing expecting it to be fixed and solved before moving onto another problem. So if he lacks with foreplay but you rushing to get his stroke game right it won't work.

Sex is all about taking your time, learning your partner’s sexual desires, cravings and more. It takes time to know somebody's sexual appetite. And another thing you need to understand is when you first engage with somebody it's going to be awkward. Give him some time to warm up to you vice versa.

He's Not A Porn star

People focus on porn and think that people sexually instantly connect. Porn gives people the wrong reality of how sex is and a lot of gay men tend to be disappointed because of it.

You have to understand that there is a possibility that sexually he may in fact under-perform because it's not easy for everybody to put it down immediately. For some guys, it may be that way but for the average man, it's not. You can't expect him to come into your life and be your favorite porn star.

You see he's the perfect guy, he turns you on sexually, you both compatible across the board. So you need to know that he's no different from the next guy. He's not a blow-up fuck doll. Take your time to invest in him sexually as much as you did into his personality.

I hope you guys take something from this article that could benefit you all. I know I spilled some gems so it's up to you guys to do the work.

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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