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Dating a guy and his friend low-key trying to smash

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I've had this dilemma where I was seeing a guy and one of his friends low key tried to consistently hook up with me on the low.

It was awkward because it was still a new situation I was having with the guy, and this was his best friend like somebody he had known the majority of his life. I was afraid I would lose him due to his messy-ass friend. 

In a way, I felt guilty cause I knew what his friend was doing but I remained quiet. 

I have a huge problem with gays who try to sleep with their friend's dates or boyfriends. It bothers me cause I don't understand why some gay men can't respect loyalty and friendship. 

It’s so damn hard to find solid friends in this community. So many people come with an agenda or some low-key purpose for befriending you. The shit is terrible how some of these gay men try to take advantage or even revenge on people. You could be the most loyal person to somebody and they will still find a way to fuck you over. 

Let's discuss this cause this is a serious problem in our community. How loyal are you to your friends? And have you ever dealt with a friend or a friend of a guy you were seeing trying to sleep with you? 



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