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Is sharing your relationship on social media a good idea or bad idea?

Is Sharing Your Relationship On Social Media A Good Idea or Bad Idea?  

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  1. 1. Is Sharing Your Relationship On Social Media A Good Idea or Bad Idea?

    • Good Idea (Positive Outcome)
    • Fine With Me (I Don't Mind Sharing My Man With The World)
    • Bad Idea (It Never Ends Well)
    • Unsure (Not The Type To Share Personal Details Online)

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How comfortable are you guys with sharing your relationship online? Even if you're just dating this person??? 

Me personally, I learned the hard way and this may not be anybody else's experience. But I shared a photo of me and a guy I was seeing online. We were posted up and booed up and I had to share my blossoming love for him online. 

Everything was GREAT up until I decided to post that picture....

It opened up the floodgates for BULLSHIT, DRAMA and complete NONSENSE. 

I had several guys hit me up claiming to have been seeing him or dating him as well.

lucious lyon wtf GIF


I couldn't believe it but had no other choice but to delete the picture. 

Plus once he revealed the truth to me, I vowed to never post another man on social media until I at least had a ring on my finger.

I can't be made out to be a fool again.


I feel like social media for couples can be a blessing or a complete hell of an experience. It can go so well and you get tons of love and likes or people could low key be plotting the downfall of your relationship. 

We all know how gays can be especially those who don't have a man and envy the happiness of others who do. 

The sudden messages in his DMs from randoms would probably be a major issue for me. 

Some people are so good at being messy they'll smile in your face and leave all types of comments congratulating you while sliding in the guys DMs at the same fucking time.

I don't judge those who love to show off their happiness but I would only do so with caution. 





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