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Public sex: How down are you for a spontaneous encounter?

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So many guys I know speak about their freaky ass sexual encounters in public and I'm always left feeling dumb founded...

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For one, I never had sex with a complete stranger in public, and I probably would be considered too conservative to do such a thing. But I have nothing against those who do. In fact, do what makes you happy boo. 

But I could only imagine how fast one's adrenaline must be going while that rush takes over them. But that CLIMAX has to be mind blowing! 

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I've had my moments online when my curiosity got the best of me and I searched some things on pornhub. I must admit, I wasn't disappointed and in fact quite intrigued by the type of shit I came across. 


I still couldn't bring myself to do such a thing. 

I wanna know from those of you who have or may be interested in exploring all avenues when it comes to sex especially in public. How was the experience? Were you close to having an out of body experience but something stopped you from going through with it? Let's talk about this shit. 

There's nothing more nasty and daring than a random, unplanned, spontaneous sexual encounter. I think the best sex probably comes from those who cruise and take chances in public. I AIN'T MAD AT CHA IF YOU DO! 

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I just couldn't take that risk. LOL 




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