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I don't want to write a long boring unnecessary post so I'm going to keep this very simple and straight to the point. I think we all understand right from wrong and the consequences of bad behavior. 
Community Rules.

1. Do not spam / advertise/solicit members. It doesn't matter if you're a struggling gay rapper or trying to get your only fans popping. Do not spam on the site! There is a big difference between promoting your shit and losing your damn mind with it. All promotional posts will be for business exchanges only. If you spam and I will find out, you will be banned without notice. All unsolicited advertisements in private messages, chat rooms, or in the forum threads will be blocked and removed. 

2. Do not share personal information on the site. Keep your phone number, address, email, etc. off the site. Now if you decide to privately share any information with other members then that is on your own accord. But I do not under any circumstances want to be held responsible for your own doing. 

3. Do not EVER post copyright-infringing material. I don't care if your favorite porn star came out of retirement and you got leaked the footage to his tired-ass porn return scene. Do not share anything that is copyrighted and online for purchase. If it is not FREE and only under the public domain then do not share it. 

4. Do not post “offensive” posts, links, or images. If you wouldn't share the shit with your family, close friends or co-workers then don't share it here. That includes obscene, racist or even content that is promoting violence is without a doubt forbidden. 

5. NO harassment, threats, or insults allowed! JBA/GSO is a supportive, loving, and sometimes shady community. But I will never allow hatred, discrimination, or threats here. Do not take e-beefs off of the site and stalk people's social media because you will be banned if word gets back to me. SHADE allowed! HATE is not. You should know the difference between the two and if you don't you need to figure it out before you even consider any actions against another member. 

6. Do not post duplicated posts. Search before posting on the site not speaking about common topics such as dating, lifestyle, etc. But when it comes to celeb news, music releases, etc. anything that can be found already here does not post. What you can do is post in the same thread but do not create another thread for the same topic that was just created. 

7. Do not create multiple accounts. One account per user! Do not share your account information with friends they are more than capable of creating their account. Please respect this rule because multiple accounts create messy situations. Do not create more than one account. If you lose access to your account you can either contact us or retrieve your information such as password and username. 

I Do not plan on banning people and that is far from my goal at all. I want to create a space for black gay men to come together and enjoy deep discussions and each other's opinions. But if you break these rules then you will be banned or have your account restricted/suspended.

I'm not asking for much from you guys as members other than to respect each other and the platform. 

If you have any questions regarding these rules or any other concerns respond here. All questions will be answered promptly. Be considerate of the fact that I will not answer the same question twice so read before asking any questions. 



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