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Categorize the men in your life!

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Last night I was having a random discussion with a guy on Jack'd. 

He was telling me how the guys that wanted to date him; he slept with and they ghosted him. 

Meanwhile, he was chasing after the fuck boys who weren’t trying to offer him anything serious and how they just wasted his time.

This is not my first time having this type of conversation with guys I recall having this very conversation a few months back with another guy about his struggles with dating. 

He emailed me asking for dating advice after reading my articles. 

So I decided to share my two cents and probably unpopular opinion with you guys as well.

First thing, first… 
Categorize the men in your life.

Yes, separate the fuck boys from the gents and the gents from the ghosters. 

Know who to sleep with and who is worth building an actual connection with (outside of the bedroom.)


I don’t care what you feel or how they may come hard onto you.

Don’t sleep with the guys you want something legitimate with at all.

I think the issue a lot of gay men have with dating is the fact that we get caught up in the feeling-good aspect of dating to the point of us losing focus on the main important stages of dating.

For me, getting to know somebody is more important than me exploring their naked body. 

I want to explore his mind and heart before his body, dick, and ass.

I have fucked this up way too many times in the past until; I realized the error of my ways.

Don’t give your body away before you at least build a connection.

It might work for some but it won’t keep him around forever!

Sex provides stimulation and lust but it won’t build an emotional connection or mental attraction.

If the only thing he can offer you is sex, then it’s a limited situation. 

You can’t expect a man not to take advantage of the opportunity if you are quick to throw that dick and bussy out for free for any and everybody who's up for grabs.

Some guys are only worth a good fuck — while other guys got the potential to be a love interest in your life.

Categorize these men and know who to fuck vs who to take your time to get to know. 

This will save you a lot of time fellas, and less aggravation.

Categorize and do not allow the flesh to distract you from winning his heart.



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