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No expectations, no disappointments!

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I can’t stand it when a guy tells me, “no expectations, no disappointments.”


The first thing that pops up in my mind is him fucking me and then ghosting me the next day. 


From my experience, guys who have no expectations have no plans on taking things further than just talking or sexing.


Most guys who say this use this same line with every guy they meet. 


It's almost a short-cut and an excuse to snuggle up and then leave. 


While I know some guys are just scared of being disappointed. Most of these men know exactly what they are doing by saying this shit.


I feel like if you come into the situation with the mindset of getting played and used then more than likely they will get what they can from you and ghost your ass.


I don't have time for that bullshit. 


If you don’t have any expectations then what are we doing this for?


I wouldn’t talk to a person if I didn’t have any expectations for them even if things didn’t work out. 


A doubtful mind will only disappoint you. 


I don’t want a man who doesn’t see the full potential in me or a potential relationship.


In most cases, the disappointment comes moments after stating “no expectations no disappointments.” At least it does for me.


I find myself disappointed. 


The issue is the fact that nobody (nowadays) wants to enter the dating scene with high hopes. 


It's either a "let me get what I can out of him now" or it's a lighthearted situation and usually leads to nowhere.


They immediately place up a wall or think the most negative shit possible only to ruin any chances of things becoming official. 


They get so caught up in their thoughts to where they end up just talking to other people out of fear of you doing the same thing.


Nothing lasts because everybody automatically expects disappointment. 




From the last disappointment and then the time before that one. 


It's nothing but a cycle of confusion and hopelessness. 


Then before you know it — the both of you end up losing contact and ghosting each other.


Wash, repeat. 


It seems like the days of actually putting in the work to build a connection and relationship are far behind us


(except for a few good men left.)


Nowadays it’s so easy to move onto the next guy in a matter of seconds via a sleazy ass hookup app.


A lot of guys will feel the need to have a “no expectations, no disappointment” mentality because the climate of dating in the gay community is forever declining and more rapidly than before in my opinion. 


It’s hard out here to find guys who won’t ghost you within 24 hours of actually meeting or chatting online. 


Everybody comes with an agenda and most of the good ones are so hard to find.


I just rather talk to somebody who is optimistic and interested in me than somebody who’s doubtful of me or themselves.  


So if you’re somebody who ain’t optimistic or open-minded to building a connection then be honest upfront. There’s no hope if you are already afraid of disappointment or having any expectations. 



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