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Dear gays: We are not your 'thug boy' toys!

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Let me compose myself before going DEEP IN SOME FOLKS ASS (NO LUBE) WITH THIS POST! 

I said it before and I’m going to say it again. 

These “non-urban” porn studios are always capitalizing off of us,

while using stereotypically tired bullshit ass story-lines and racial stereotypes in their videos and creating stigmatized content.

Some of these companies hire men of color only to represent common stereotypes within the black community that is often viewed as degrading, shameful, and tactless. 

The issue is the fact that their main “customers” only support these sites because it gives into their fantasies and fetishes negative stereotypes of black men. 

These porn depictions and footage are so calculated and ignorant.

But what disgusts me the most is when I see clips connected to porn companies like “army69” and listening to the dialogue that is being used such as “black ass” and other derogatory terms used against people of color. 

The racial microaggression on so many of these videos under these different companies but ran by the same owners is despicable. 

I have nothing against interracial porn or adult entertainers who perform in them. 

My issue is connected to the companies that create and allow these misrepresented images of black men on film. 

Companies such as “thug” hunter and gay “patrol” (I was informed is in fact under the same owner, allegedly) do not paint us as anything more than criminals and thugs. The racist undertones in the dialogue between their performers are very telling. 

Being a black man living in America, many of us endure racism in society daily. Why would I want to listen to that shit in porn? Nothing is fantasizing about a white man calling a black man "black ass."

These porn fantasies are problematic to the point I’ve had men of other races feel like it’s okay to approach me the same way they see these porn actors in these videos. 

This ain’t no role-playing and I’m not about to entertain that shit. 

I have had many Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic men ask me to play out their fantasy of being with a “BBC thug.” 

What made me even more irritated is when I was asked by one man to be his slave master! 

 Many tasteful adult companies do not degrade or depict black gay men in a negative light for compensation. So there are no excuses for the bullshit.

They don’t feel the need to depict other races of men in a certain light to sell an image to their customer base.

Why make these porn videos based on racial stereotypes and crazy-ass narratives? 

I feel like these companies are willing to use us for a profit. They always go after these starving ass porn entertainers, who are looking for clout and coke! No shade but shade.

They pay these clowns pennies to play out racial stereotypes for shits and giggles — meanwhile, they make thousands off of them fools.

We are not your fantasy thugs and BBCs.

I do not want to be asked to fulfill your fantasy of being a criminal, drug dealer, or any other black stereotypical role. 

I am not going to strip down my morals for your sick-ass fantasies and we shouldn’t have to ever degrade ourselves for that shit in film or real life.

I’m not a product of the thug life and I do not carry myself of the sort.

We are highly sought after because the numbers show it, but we don’t need to be falsely painted to bring numbers and make these people thousands of dollars. 

While you keep your fantasy of black men and BBC hidden in your closets while pretending not to want anything to do with BBCs in public, it speaks volumes.

The viewership for interracial porn proves that “BBC” is top-rated porn. The rotation of black male performers in gay interracial porn is low. 

The pay for these men is lowwwww!!!!
Piss poor low!

But thankfully since some of those problematic toxic-ass companies are vanishing.  




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