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Things not to do on jack'd or grindr or any other gay hookup apps

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I think we’ve all experienced online dating at least once by now. Who hasn’t been on Jack’d, Grindr, or any of the other Gay apps?

It’s obvious for most of us what to expect from these apps. 

Usually, we already know what most guys are looking for from the initial message.

You may come across a few guys who are seeking a genuine friendship or something more serious. 

Other than that,

They just want to fuck and screw anything in their DMs.

Just know everybody has their own intentions and purpose on these apps. Some good others are not in your best interest at all. 

You have your typical catfishes, sex addicts, dl guys with no pictures with their scary asses! 

Nothing annoys me more than the guys who only use the app to “fuck.”

The games, the lies, the bullshit

Nobody has time for it. 

I mean somebody does, especially if they are doing it. 

But for me? I don’t have time for foolery. 

So let’s get into the real shit on what y’all shouldn’t do or need to stop doing altogether. 

Enough of my rambling, let's get into the list of shit. 

So let your friends, your hoe ass followers know by sharing this article NOW!!!! 😉 spread the word fellas!! SPREAD THE WORD!

Showing Little To No Interests In Messages

Whether you decide to slide in somebody’s DMs or reply to somebody's message. Please do not show little to no interest especially if you only plan on replying with the one-word responses.

It’s simple,

Why carry on a useless meaningless conversation with somebody if you're not feeling it?

We are all adults.

You can simply say you’re not interested or the fact the person isn’t your type. 

On the flip side, if a person shows you no interest.






I can’t stand guys who push for something that isn’t there.

There’s no connection, no interest at all, and no vibe. 

Don’t be offended by the obvious.

Having No Profile Pics

Nobody likes to talk to a blank profile;




Nobody's checking for an anonymous guy lurking behind a profile with no details, no images, absolutely nothing. 

I can’t stand blank profiles let alone the ones with photos of celebrities, random body parts, etc. 

You can’t complain about the guys blocking your ass and being rude towards you.

Having no picture on hook-up apps in 2020 is like having an iPhone with no camera attached to it. It doesn’t make any sense!

I’m starting to think they do this shit intentionally. Yeah, that’s what I feel right now.

Nobody cares about you being down low! 

The whole DL thing will not attract folks.

Most guys write in their bios for you to unlock your photos before contacting them, anyway.

Nobody has time for your shit!!!

Writing Guys Who Didn’t Reply To The First Message

There’s nothing more annoying than receiving hundreds of unwanted messages. 

Not from various guys but just one. 

When somebody doesn't respond to the first message, then why continue to message them?

After being ignored for hours and sometimes days, they show up again with another account. 

This time to curse you out and tell you how much of a whore you are, I mean it can get nasty when guys get rejected.

Messy bottoms and tops! 

Stop lying and deceiving people!!!

Whether they lie about their sexual position or their dick size. 

It just lies… after lies… after lies. 

Yeah, it sucks we judge each other based on gay labels, dick size, body type, ass arch poses. 

But lying doesn’t make it any better. 

For example, they be like, “masc for masc, no fats no fems, strict tops only,” etc.

Claiming you want LTR but in reality, you’re only looking for a quick fuck.

One thing that pisses me off is that so many guys lie about what they’re looking for on these apps. They claim they want friends, but then they end up fucking their friends. 

They mention looking for LTR, but they ask to see a dick picture before asking for your name.

So many guys are playing mind games online it's not even worth trying to get serious most of the time.

It’s not fair, but you gotta know how to play the fucking game too, so you don’t end up being the one getting played.

Friends don’t seek sex with other friends.

A platonic friendship doesn’t require knowing your dick size or how bomb your sex game is! 


Nude Photos And Less Profile Information


It’s very inappropriate to be asking a STRANGER for nudes within the first few messages.

Most guys on these apps don’t even plan on spending more than one night with you.

So why are you deserving of seeing my dick or ass? 

 I would rather see your face before I look at your dick or ashy ass. 

It’s just common curiosity to introduce yourself with a hello, instead of your dick hanging low in my Inbox.



Remain safe and be cautious of guys you come across and may end up meeting online. 

Everybody you come across may not have your best interest at heart. Be careful at all times. Do not fall for the bullshit and every guy you meet is not worth your time.



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