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Dear gays: Benefits of dating older men

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I didn't want to write some corny ass "how-to" article about dating older men and the benefits of it. I wanted to have you guys see all sides of having a true zaddy experience.

I feel like dating older men comes with some challenges but there are a lot more benefits and perks. 

Some things you may already be ready for that you couldn't find in other men in your age group or younger. 

I will say you will be lucky while dating an older man.

Even if the relationship doesn't work out you'll still be able to hold onto it as a treasured piece with some wisdom and good experiences.

It could be a lesson or even a word of advice.

My opinion about younger men dating older men is nothing but positive for the most part. 

It always depends on the person more than their age.

I would have just snatched me up a zaddy at the tender age of 18. 

I think we all could benefit from experiencing a mature man of any age group. Even if he was my age but has an old soul I would appreciate it over the fuck boy options out there.

As a millennial, I find myself more intrigued by older men nowadays.

I think for our generation it's more open and welcoming than the gen's before us. 

Nowadays people find older men appealing and not "creepy." I mean some people still say, "no old heads" but those individuals never had one in the first place. 

Nowadays the older men are sexier than ever before…

If you have dated or talked to an older man you would know how insanely match-able it is between you and the older gent instantly.

If you cherish a more chill laid-back relationship you’ll be in good company.

Unless he’s still trying to hold onto his youth.

I wrote my thoughts on the benefits and reasons why some of you may love dating older gents. 

Learn how to match his level of communication

While some older guys are still hip on what's current, there are a lot of older men who aren't tech-savvy. Maybe they had somebody teach them how to use the app or even social media. But he won’t be up on things like you. 

If you are not a big phone talker, then expect to have your first biggest challenge while dating him.

A lot of these guys love communication in the old-school type of way. 

Texting may not be their best skill set and you'll quickly notice his lack of text engagement and quality of text messages. 

Don't get mad just meet him halfway. 

You can also teach him some things about texting while you're at it. 

Compromise, compromise, compromise!

He might become frustrated by the limited communication due to all the texting we do. So find some time to pick up the phone and call him.

Age is nothing but a number but shouldn't be a distraction

Going into the relationship you were already aware of the age difference. 

There are going to be things about him that may make you feel disconnected. 

But no matter what, age should never be a distraction. 

His age should not cause you to act any differently towards him.

Potentially better-experienced sex

I don't know, but from what I've heard older gay men know how to put it down!!! 

It doesn't matter if he's a bottom or top at least the ones who have been putting it down since their first experiences with sex! 

I've heard stories of older men out fucking a lot of us. 

So if you big on bomb sex I think older men got the skills to teach you some new tricks.

Maturity is the next level and he will elevate you

Older men tend to be mature. 

I find this as a big benefit because their level of maturity will elevate you. 

Yes, older men will elevate you to greater heights. With age comes wisdom, not saying all of them but a good portion of these men will improve your life significantly.

He's more patient but very stern and strong-minded.

Older men can be a lot to handle. 

Stubborn yes, but they also can be very patient. They are the best of both worlds when it comes to that. 

They are stern but also strong-minded. 

They may seem overbearing but got your best interest at heart. Don't focus on his controlling ways. 

Look at the bigger picture!

Set in his ways but more open-minded than most men

A lot of older men can be extremely set in their ways. 

I would say the upside to this is their open-mindedness. 

A lot of them will take note of what you say if it makes sense to them. So if you don't have a problem with feeling like your man is a father figure in addition to being your lover then get you one of them.

Offers stability plus a much deeper mental connection

Depending on the type of older men you talk to — I would say most of them are stable. They can offer you a much deeper emotional, mental connection than somebody your age or younger. 

These men are very aware of themselves and who they are as grown men. If anybody can tell you about themselves and be sure of it then more than likely it's an older man you've fallen in love with.

He's been around the block and can show you the ropes to this thing we call life!

I think most of us fear being with older men due to the difference in experience, maturity, mindset.

Something an older man can offer a lot of us is the truth and wisdom of life through their experiences.

 A lot of things they've already experienced and can help us avoid those same downfalls.

The additional benefit is that these gents can learn a lot from us as well. 

Just because you're older doesn't mean you stop learning. 

So this works both ways because it's an actual exchange.

Greater teacher, provider, and listener

I remember a friend of mine told me about his older boyfriend a few years ago. 

He talked about how his partner talked about life, listened to his problems and concerns, etc. 

I'm not saying you can't get that with other men. 

I think with older men the advice and response hit differently due to their experience. 

There's something much deeper about mature men and their advice.

His zaddiness is pure confidence and not some egotistical BS

The days of older men being creepy and nasty are far behind us. 

Have you seen some of these daddies aka Zaddy's out here? 

These men out here can stand next to us with no sweat or insecurity. 

Don't sleep on older men. 

I've seen some older men who look like they're aging backward.

Always be authentic to yourself because he will be true to himself!

When you are dating or in a relationship with an older man you must know yourself! 

You can't call yourself dating an older man and not thinking he can't see through you. 

These men are extremely secure and confident within their manhood. 

Don't get into a relationship thinking you are about to fool him cause you won't! 

He's experienced a lot and knows himself well enough to pick up on things about you. Take my word for this!

Don't make everything about his age!

Do not make everything problematic based on his age. When he's tired, allow him to have a break. 

Don't crack jokes on him about his age cause that can be a fragile aiming point. 

Even if you are disagreeing don't throw in the age difference to make your point in the argument. 

Consider his feelings if you expect him to embrace yours.

Maybe a little controlling but at least he cares.

As I said earlier…

He may have some controlling aspects about himself but at least he cares. 

Sometimes people view closeness as controlling. 

I think there's a difference between a controlling person and a man who just loves you enough to be concerned a lot.

He's more laid back and chill | More romantic dates and moments together

A super major benefit is the fact most older men are laid back and chill. 

I think they can offer a more romantic setting at home or while you both are out and about. 

They know how to set the mood right.

The age difference will have you noticing areas of your life you need to improve on

Of course, with an age difference between the two of you. 

I believe he'll point out some things for you to focus on but other stuff through your observation as well.

At this point in his life, he's tired of the BS and ready to settle down and slow down.

Let's face the facts at a certain age a man gets tired of his old ways. 

Don't wait and miss out on finding you a good man of a certain age. 

Go get you a zaddy!!! And tell him I sent you!



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