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D!ck Is Everywhere Chemistry Isn't!

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Calling all gay folk!!!! It doesn't matter if you are a bottom, top or confused ass verse! Bring yo ass in here!


Dick is everywhere but chemistry isn't!!!

This is a love letter to all gays who got this thing we call dating and love fucked up! Signed sincerely your good conscious.


We need to make something clear and I think I've addressed this many times before, but this time I want to clarify shit!

Getting dick does not and will not guarantee you love and good chemistry!

You can get the best dick from the most honorable type of men, but it will not sustain shit for your future.

Stop being so damn dicked hungry bottoms...


You can't be mad if you get the dick but also the block after. Stop thinking dick will be your hero because it won't. It doesn't matter what you do sexually if you can't mentally do it better it won't save you!

Tops! You think you in control and got the power but you don't. Trust me, coming from a person who has been on both sides of the fence I know this oh too well.

We can't allow our sexual desires to derail our mental satisfaction. Chemistry should not be last on your list when trying to find a man. If you focused on his dick or ass before his mental and spiritual connection then you got this game fucked up.

You can't be mad about the mistakes of the type of men you've found in the past. Just know, after reading this if you continue to make those same mistakes then the shit is your fault!

At this point, this post should wake some of you up! If your spirit shook it's shaking for a reason! You know this is real tea so go ahead sip up! I made it hot and didn't add too much sugar or cream. No excuses fellas! You either going to accept your wrongs or continue to make them right in your mind.


Come in and have a damn seat cause this is for some of you sitting way in the back.

Sex should never be the main focus of dating! Stop making sex control your every move and decision fellas! You only set yourself up for failure! You may win for a second but it won't last long. And if it does it's not built off of the right foundation.

Chemistry is the goal and should be the main focus for all couples. I wanna connect with my man outside of the bedroom just as much as I do in it.


If a man has to smoke weed, get high, drunk to have a mature conversation then something is wrong. If you can't engage and interact on a deeper level outside of fucking then there's a problem. Sex can't fix your relationship problems and a lot of you feel like it does.

You think if you fuck your man then all the issues you both have together will go away. This my dear is only a temporary fix. It makes things nice and glittery for a few hours. You both feel good and that's the problem solver, right?


But then the issue resurfaced again and this time the issue is much bigger than before.

Sex can get people anything they want but sex can not heal broken wounds, fix major problems or correct internal issues. Some of the battles you have need to be worked out through your own hard work and dedication.

Let's become greater than sex itself. Let's connect to people through chemistry and not thinking we can fuck our way into their hearts and lives. Sex does not build a relationship or maintain it. Sex can only do but so much before it becomes too toxic and unfix-able. Don't allow sex to consume your mind and relationship and think you can use and rely on it instead of chemistry or good communication.

I just addressed this topic from three different angles of looking at it. I made a full circle and now you guys see how sex can't save you. It may help or smooth things over but it doesn't fix anything in the end.



Stop Giving Second Chances To Men Who Didn’t Deserve The First One!


I had to learn the hard way and I'm sure many of you have as well. Stop giving these men second chances when they didn't even deserve the first one!

Sometimes it's best to see what is worth keeping around and also what doesn't serve a purpose in your life.

You may need to make this mistake a couple of times to finally accept it.

When we allow people to mistreat us, disrespect us, we only giving them the power that we lack within ourselves. They become in control of our emotions, decisions, and the direction and choices we make! Meanwhile, we are the ones who lose all self-respect and self-worth. They become stronger than us and we start to look up to them as our commander in chief.

Once a person sees your weak spot they will abuse it.


They not going to change because they going to keep walking over you. The same offenses they committed prior to being “oh so sorry” will be the same ones they continue to make — after you take them back for the 50th time.

The moment you are quick to accept somebody's half-ass apology will be the moment they see your weakness.


The first mistake has to be the last one! You can't keep allowing the same cycle of problems to enter your life. If you see the same bullshit from a different man you need to nip it in the bud! Save yourself the trouble and headache.

There's nothing wrong with being able to forgive people. But at the same time, you don't want to forgive somebody for the same thing over and over. Some shit is just heritable if his daddy wasn't shit then he may not be shit either! this only applies if you dealing with shit from him on a regular basis!


People know how to play games and how to play with your heartstrings.

They know which buttons to push in order to get what they want out of you. If you cut all ties, you won't have to deal with the bullshit! Yeah, you may have wanted him but do you need him?


Do you need him out of all the other men you could benefit from having?

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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