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Dear Gays: Don't Lose Hope in Looking for Love!

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This morning, I came across this tweet that intrigued me!


One of the reasons why it grabbed my attention because I too feel this way.

As many of you know my dating life these past few years has been hell.

Last year I got back with my ex from Philly and it didn't go well. He randomly disappeared when I needed him the most. I was dealing with some personal shit and he was nowhere to be found.


I completely relate to their experience. Dating has not been fun and even down to the communication, I feel no excitement half the time.

I remember years ago being thrilled to get to know a guy. That rush that feeling of newness. But nowadays everything you expect is expected and nothing is new.

The feeling of talking to these men ain't new, the sex ain't new, etc. nothing out here is mind-blowing in a big way of viewing things.

Sometimes it feels like if you've had one guy you've had them all.


I miss the way things were prior to the big explosion of online dating. I miss the days of meeting a guy and not to fuck in the back of his car or sneak into his parent's house. I used to love having long talks on the phone and not hear clicking from his side because he's also texting or on apps talking to other guys too.

A lot of stuff has changed about dating as expected but certain things have changed for the worse.

Dating should be fun and meeting new people shouldn't feel like a drive-thru exchange. Why would I want to waste time talking to a person only one time and maybe twice if lucky?


It seems like the only way to generate consistent communication is if your offering sex and your body. Trust these guys will be all in your DMs faithfully. But mention getting to know them, building something of substance they flee and gone just as fast as they showed up.

Everything feels so copy and paste nowadays! But I don't want you guys to lose hope or faith. I don't want you to feel like you have to just go with the trend to fit in. You don't have to fuck just because that's the first thing expected of you. We need more men to be the example that there are still good men left.


It may seem like there are no options left but trust me there are if you dig deep enough. Usually, the mess and garbage float at the top of the sea but the treasure can be found at the bottom. You have to eliminate the fuckboys and keep searching for a good man.

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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