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The Type of Man That Could Have You Delete All Your Dating Apps and Hoe Numbers!

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Everybody has that one type of man that could change their life! I mean come in and really do some shit to make them feel like they've found the one. And I think we all deserve that one man who could be the man of our dreams. That man who could very well become the man of our reality!



A lot of us have kissed frogs, toads, goblins and sex demons. We've wasted precise time with people who didn't deserve a second — let alone a minute of our love.

But I truly believe we all could have that one kind of man that would make us delete our dating apps and hoe numbers. Oh yes! It's possible and I'm not just talking about one temporary type of guy.


See, I've deleted numbers and apps in the past over guys that weren't shit. Do you know how frustrating it is to go back and makeup lies and excuses to get those guys back? It ain't easy.

Like K Michelle said!


I left all my hoes

Told 'em not to call and text me no more 

Now you're so ungrateful

Do you know how hard it was for me to stay faithful?

Finding a man that is worth sacrificing dick, ass, mouth and body fluids (nutt) is hard to find. These men are easily disposable and not reputable out here in these streets or in the bed-sheets.

You may find some good potential men but the rest of them are for the birds.


It be the ones that you put your past behind for that be on that dumb shit. The type of shit that you always told yourself that you wouldn't fall for. These men are playing games outside of your expertise. They will present themselves one way and end up becoming a problem down the line.

For now on I'm not deleting any hoe numbers or apps off my phone until I know you the one for real, for real.



I don't wanna get my hopes up or be the one wearing the clown make up. For now on I'm not getting excited until I know there's a reason to be. Cause these men truly do talk a good game only to turn around and be playing you like one.

It's hard to know when you've come across that potential guy but when you do it will be a feeling from within and not just down below. Some of you think with your dick and ass and that's how you end up fucked up in the game.


The best thing to do is to take your time and get to know a person before trusting them. Guys will tell you a lot of good shit only to leave you curbside with a wet ass and nothing to show for it.

You have to look past the good talking and into his actions. If he's worth being the reason why you stop searching then pursue him. If he's the wrong type of man then throw him back into the pack of wolves.

A lot of guys are out here deceiving us into believing they are with us to give us purpose. Most of the time it's only to take away from us. People sometimes come with hidden agendas. So before you delete those hoe numbers and get rid of those dating apps, ask yourself — is this man worth it?

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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