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Join gay men of color club!

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Join Gay Men Of Color Club!


JBA is exclusively me expressing my thoughts, feelings, experiences and more. But you guys are apart of my platform in more ways than just reading my articles and watching my Vlogs. 


I created a social club GMOC on my site for you guys to become members as well. I want you guys to join and be apart of the mini-community I’m creating on JBA. Create your profile, join the forums and chat room. Let’s discuss varies of topics. I believe in unity and having a supportive group that we can befriend one another and share our truths together. 


I would love if you took the time to register justbeinganthony.com/register and then join the group 


It’s my dream to build a mini-community for us to share our voices and experiences together. A social club that doesn’t exclude us from speaking out truths and standing united as a group of black gay men. So if you would love to be apart of GMOC def join now! Register on my site and then join the club. 


The good thing about the clubs and chat rooms is that you can create your own even private chats and also personal blogs! Don’t waste another second! Come on over and join and let’s build this mini-community of gay men of color social club. 

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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