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At what age did your taste in men change?

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At what age did you guys realize your taste in men changed? Whether if it was the fact you liked DL men and trade or just into a certain type of guy that you no longer would entertain today? For me, I know for a FACT that my desire for men changed at 25. LAWD knows the type of men I used to chase, deal with were totally not the type of men I would ever pursue today.

17-25 is, of course, a big age gap and for me, I had to separate myself from the person I used to be and all the things I once found worthy of my time, my love, and my attention.

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I mean it's only natural to grow out of certain types of dudes after a certain age. I just think some guys who remain in the same mindset or lack the maturity tends to settle for the same type. I would say those types of men are trouble because you'll never reach a certain standard to grow into finding a better quality of men.

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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