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Dear gays: Stop settling just to settle!

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Listen at this point, I gotta be 100 about this and I'm sure a few of you will agree with me on this shit. I feel like so many people (myself included) settle just to settle.

I'm not TAKEN until there's a ring on my finger.

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I'm not officially INVOLVED until we're living together and you have declared me as being THE ONE!

A lot of you want relationships until you're in a relationship.

A lot of guys say a lot of shit until they exactly what they're asking for and then wanna act like they don't know how to act once they get "him."

Don't settle for these half ass, tired ass, some-timing ass men, fellas until they can prove themselves to you.

We gotta stop allowing people to become our everything when they low key don't value anything in return regarding our time, our energy and effort.

Stop making somebody your one and only until they BECOME THAT ONE AND ONLY. That takes work, that takes time that takes DEDICATION. If a man is dedicated to you then he'll put his words in places and positions to prove that to you. 

You won't have to ask him for it. You won't have to beg for him to prove himself to you. 

So from this day forward I'm not exclusively dating nobody until we're in the direction of EXCLUSIVENESS. Cause bae, boo, and all this other cute shit ain't cutting it for me anymore. 


it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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