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Dear gays: it takes more than looks to secure a man! #Sorrynotsorry #mariahcareysmile

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These are the facts of the facts. I came across a guy on Instagram (who swears he is gawd’s gift to man.)

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and having admiration for your good looks. But the truth is he still ain’t got a man and haven't been successful at dating for YEARS now. I can honestly say I know why after my own personal experience trying to date him years ago.

The truth is he’s all looks but no substance.

Jada Pinkett Smith Nod GIF by Red Table Talk

He is the reason why he's unable to find somebody because he lacks so much within all he has is his outer appearance to flaunt.

For some reason, a lot of you think good looks will get y'all ahead but sadly to say good looks can also be some of y'all's biggest downfall too.

There’s nothing sexier than a man who has good looks, a great personality and a lot of substance.

But how many of you have ever met a guy with great looks, bad attitude, cocky for no reason, no personality or conversation skills and lacking substance period?


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You attempt to get to know them but there’s little to nothing they have to offer you in return. You try to take them seriously but they assume their sex game and good looks will secure your heart.

There are a lot of beautiful but yet single men out there. Yes, looks are great but it will not secure a man period. I don’t care if you came across the most desperate guy in the world. Your good looks will only get you but so far with him.

Even the guy I'm speaking about confessed to not being able to secure a relationship let alone have somebody take him serious enough to build something long term.

SUBSTANCE is important. PERSONALITY is needed. 

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If you want somebody to take you seriously regarding dating and building a relationship you need to offer them more than your looks sir.

I know somebody reading this needs this message this morning which is why I'm writing this post. If you're somebody that could relate to this message take it and focus on some aspects regarding your own lack of dating experiences or issues with dating.

Sometimes the problem isn't them the problem is very much YOU!

So please stop thinking your looks will bag or keep a man. Yes, we all want us some eye candy but after awhile even looking at your cute ass will get annoying or even boring.

If you notice you're dating life suffering due to the fact that you're not offering anything to anybody other than looks do some soul searching. Find out what you're lacking and work on strengthening that area outside of your appearance or sex game.



it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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