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Gay dating apps filled with creeps ugh!

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like seriously just when I thought I’ve seen it all nothing seems to shock me anymore.

Online apps brings out some of the strangest people and sexual requests. I’m not with the weird shit. For some reason they thought I was down for some strange shit but I’m not.

like who ask this shit???

Just last week I had a guy ask if we could be committed within 5 minutes of exchanging numbers. I blocked him and this fool calls me from a block number for 15 mins straight. When that ends he proceeds to text me cursing me out from another number.



Dating to sleep around or with the intention of marriage?


Serious question for many of you... How many of you seriously date just to sleep around or to possibly settle down and get married? I would love to know somebody's approach to dating and the direction you guys plan to go in after seeing somebody. 

For some reason, most guys I come across date for all the wrong reasons. Some for status, a title, money, weed, and countless other superficial shit. 

I think when most guys say they rather "go with the flow" tend to already know it's not going to go anywhere. Meanwhile, they don't go with the flow to sleep with you. They don't allow time to tell when they want their dicks wet, right? 

So how many of you have picked up on tell-signs when a guy is just dating you for the sex instead of taking things further? Let's discuss this shit. 

golden state warriors smh GIF by NBA

I got a lot on my mind right now when it comes to dating and these guy's true intentions for 


it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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