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do you think it's possible to remain friends with an ex?

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I’m the type of person who can remain “friendly” with an ex but I can’t say I’d be friends with him after we break up. One of the reasons is because I believe jealousy would show it’s ugly head at some point. 

I know it’s easier said than done to claim to be over somebody, but how often do we catch feelings again? Even when they’ve done us wrong. With feelings comes jealousy if they were to move on and find somebody new.

Let’s say they moved on to somebody better than us or somebody who is complete garbage? 

So much comes into the picture when it comes to remaining close with an ex. So many good and bad factors. For me, it's a hassle and struggle.

And the fact most men get with somebody new and treat them better, do better. Smh. Shit would become personal if I notice the difference or change in him with this new person. 

It’s one thing if I broke up with you on good terms and it’s under a mutual decision. But if one of us still has feelings for the other, or one of us cut things off. Somebody is going to be in their feelings low key. I’ll still wish you a happy birthday, send you friendly messages on holidays and pop in to say hello and see how you been. But chilling together, hanging out and stuff would be out of the picture. I would need distance to heal or move on properly.

How do you guys feel about remaining friends with an ex? Is it crossing boundaries especially if one of you still “in love?” Do you feel like it’s a problem if one of you ends up finding love elsewhere? I mean what if the new person in your life or theirs aren’t kin on the idea of you two remaining in contact?

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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