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what are some stereotypes about gays that you wish people stop making?

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What are some stereotypes about gay men that you just hate hearing or reading about? A couple of mines are:

1.) Gay men Are perverted and addicted to sex.

2.) We’re messy, full of drama, angry, violent and aggressive and loud.

3.) We want to be women and hate them.

4.) We always trying to steal somebody’s man or trying to turn out straight men.

5.) The biggest stereotype people have about us is that we all HIV positive or got aids.

Come On Reaction GIF by NBA

It just bothers me how people who know nothing about gays always have a negative opinion or even view on homosexuality. Even if they have that one negative experience with us or an individual in the community.

It’s almost like they want these things to be true so they can justify their disgusting views and opinions about us.

it’s a vibe it’s a mood 😛😜


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