Selective Homophobia: The Act Of Picking And Choosing The Gays YOU Want To Tolerate

Have you ever encountered straight identifying men who say shit like,

“You mad cool for a gay guy.”

“You not like them soft ass punks you don’t act like a female.”

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Nothing pisses me off more than men who feel the need to act overly hyper-masculine around gay men. 

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I wanna fuck YO ASS.

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t shut you the fuck down. 


But having the privilege of being accepted or better yet tolerated by straight men may be fun and all until you deal with hate crimes and ridicule.

I’ve dealt with straight men who made me feel like I was okay with them because I wasn’t OVERLY GAY or FEMININE.

I didn’t do the most or act flamboyant.

Being that I’m already a quiet person, I just naturally tend to blend in. But for you to tell me I’m okay with you as long as I don’t act like the gays on TV, etc is a true problem for me.

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We should never feel comfortable being just tolerated by people who honestly only accept us for their own reasons. 

The fact that somebody could want to make me feel more acceptable than other gays is insulting enough. 

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These men who showcase their homophobic tendencies are problematic. They’re quick to embrace masculine aspects of certain gays but shun feminine qualities or gays who do not display the whole hyper-masculine persona. 

It’s completely okay to be around them if you don’t threaten their manhood or make it questionable for them to be around you. The less FLAMING you are the chill laid back they can be. 

This mentality is disgusting. 

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I don’t care if you’re my cousin, my brother, my friend, my neighbor, my co-worker. I don’t care who you are or what you represent. 

If you only can tolerate me but disregard or disrespect other gays then we can’t be cool. I want nothing to do WITH YOU. 

And for you gays who allow these toxic men who flaunt their hyper-masculinity and disrespect, other gays, even in your presence. 


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At the end of the day you may be accepted for the moment but the second you do something to piss them off you’re a punk, sissy, f@ggot, fruit cake, and every other derogatory term they use against us. 

Piss some of these female’s off and watch how quickly she goes from being your sis to her telling you, you wanna be her, etc. 

It’s never okay to feel like you’re tolerated in spaces that don’t tolerate others like you. 

I’ve had gays tell me that they used to sit back and listen to these straight men disrespect gays. They didn’t feel the need to intervene because they weren’t flamboyant so it wasn’t their battle. 

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If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic.

There’s no true way of picking and choosing when it’s okay to display these homophobic views.

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Selective homophobia at it’s finest.

I don’t care how they put it. 

If they dismissive towards one type or gay individual they will never truly respect you. 

Because at the end of the day you’re still GAY

I take dick up the ass just like the gays they can’t accept. 

I suck a mean daccccccck just like them gays over there. 



All that “you cool in my book because of XYZ,” ain’t cutting it.

If you don’t respect other Gay people, then you don’t respect me.

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