Open Relationships And Why I Wouldn’t Be Able To Participate In One 0 2695

Open relationships seem so complicated. I don‘t know how I would feel about sharing my man and then dealing with other guy wanting a piece of him too. Yeah, open relationships seem to be a win-win for a lot of gay couples but for me it’s more of a risk than a bonus. 
I could only imagine how much confidence, trust, and commitment couples need in order to even go though with it. The whole idea of being open in the bedroom would come with a lot of restrictions.

Open relationships seem to work for a lot of gay couples. I guess having your cake and being able to eat it too satisfies their own greedy cravings.

I’ve known a few gay couples who engage in the swinging culture and events, parties, etc. They enjoy their boy-toys while still keeping their relationship in-tact. In the back of my mind that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

No good could come from me sharing my man unknowingly or unknowingly.

I take my relationships serious (not saying open couples don’t.) My views on open relationships and sex with my man varies depending on the guy. I guess, I would be open to experimenting but he would have to love me down. I would have to be with a man that is crazy about me. I would have to be more excited about it than he would be in order to participate in something like that.
Feelings always build up and bringing a third party can conflict with those feelings. What if I end up as the third wheel and left out of my relationship? That’s a problem. My biggest fear would be to be left out of my relationship something that I built, started, and maintained.
It doesn’t matter if we had rules in place or not. Anything can happen and anything could go wrong when involving outside sources into your relationship.
Something I have learned with dealing with the three-way fun is that one partner will always push the envelope. Somebody will want something that wasn’t apart from the agreement. At some point, everything that started out fun will become problematic and destroy what’s left of the relationship. 

People who have open relationships are way too open-minded for me and they will do anything!

Both parties have to have open minds for their private activities. Plus, they must know how to separate their emotions from the additional fun. When emotions get involved, all hell breaks loose. 
I don’t know how to separate my emotions. I find myself emotionally connected to every relationship and partner. If I was not an emotional connection type of person, I think I’d be open to all those type of experiences.

Open relationships seem fun from a distance. I can't be somebody's third wheel. Click To Tweet

I wouldn’t mind hooking up with other couples as a single man. For me, my man, and another guy that will not work. Somebody has to have something to lose in the equation. I refuse to be the one to lose everything for some additional fun. 
A lot of these gay men are messy. They will take your man swiftly and rather quickly. I’m all game but sharing my relationship will never happen. Not mine, it’s a no for me!

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