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A while back, I looked for a roommate because bills were kicking my ass. It was getting hard to pay for my rent and other expenses on the side. I ended up meeting this one guy named Dominick who just moved here from Puerto Rico. He’s been living with me for several months now. We’re the same age (25), and his body is solid, even though I keep my business to myself. I’m Gay, but I wouldn’t say I like sharing too much information with people. Plus, he didn’t have to know as long as he paid his part of the rent that’s all that mattered.

I noticed that Dominick didn’t speak broken English, but his accent was still strong. That shit was sexy as fuck. The way he would say my name often had me aroused in more ways than one. He kept his rent paid, and I keep my sexuality and my sexual fantasies to myself. I don’t believe in exchanging sex with roommates because it’s too personal and close to home. When shit goes wrong, it gets messy, and I’d rather not even cross that line at least not again. I have learned my lesson about doing that a long time ago.

Dominick was one of the quietest roommates I’ve ever had. I’ve had several failed roommate situations in the last two years. Three years ago, I didn’t need a roommate. I could pay my rent on time, but then my hours at work shifted.

A fascinating factor about him is that he’s not shy about exposing himself. At first, I was tripping out about him walking around naked in the mornings. I thought maybe he’s just comfortable with it. He said he played sports growing up so being naked around his teammates and friends didn’t seem too far-fetched. I can’t lie, I have kept my door cracked open, and I have watched him walk around naked from the bathroom to his room across the hall.

Dominick has an afro and the perfect tan skin that looks like sweet caramel. Every morning I would wake up early just to lie in bed and watch him walk around naked as he got ready for work. Call me a creep, but nobody told him to do that shit. I will say he got a phat ass. That booty bounces just right, and the curve in his back keeps me aroused. I often pretended to be asleep as I laid in bed stroking myself watching and thinking him. There’s nothing wrong with looking. As long as I’m not crossing the line. I’m not trying to mix the two. I keep my hands to myself. As far as I know, he is not aware of my attraction for him and I would like to keep it this way.

This one particular morning, I laid in bed watching him putting on lotion in front of my door. I guess Dominick became focused on something else. He didn’t even realize that he was standing in front of my room door. I busted before he could even get to the crack of his ass as he rubbed his thick sexy thighs down. The moment he lifted that tight bubble butt and rub his back, I skeeted all over my sheets. I almost let it out a soft moan as my mouth dropped wide open watching him caress his thighs with lotion.

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He looked over at me bewildered by my slight commotion in bed. He rushed into his room. I laid there with my eyes closed pretending as if I was asleep. The moment I heard him close his room door. I looked down and saw my dack still rock hard. I jumped up from the bed and rushed over and closed the door trying to gather my thoughts. All I can think about is how he caught me watching him. I do not want problems or trouble from this situation. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering if he saw me stroking my dack. The awkwardness from the situation alone will cause friction between us.

“Oh shit. I think he saw me.” I mumbled to myself as I stood there imagining several scenarios of what happened vs what I remember seeing. At least 20 minutes went by and I was running late for work. I took a deep breath and made my way downstairs with nothing but briefs on. I forgot dress shirt and pants in the laundry room, and I needed to get to work fast. I grabbed my clothes and the moment I turned around there Dominick stood smirking at me. I looked away as I smiled.

“Good-morning, Lonnie,” He said smiling at me.

“Good-morning man, how you are doing this morning bruh?” I said back.

“Good my friend, I have an early shift today,” Dominick said making his way over to the coffeemaker.

“That’s great, man. I hope you have a good day.” I said trying to ease pass him.

“You too my friend,” He said back. The entire encounter was strange because he didn’t seem bothered at all. I rushed up the stairs and back into my room.

I can’t lie, I’ve done some freaky shit in the past, but I’ve never had a roommate expose themselves in my presence. It may sound like I’m one of those freaks who go out in public and beat my dack looking at random guys, but I still know my limits. I guess it’s a thrill I get whenever I’m thinking about straight guys and getting that access.

When I made it to work, it still aroused me and could not stop thinking about Dominick. He remained on my mind and I went into the bathroom and rubbed one out. I could not help myself, my thoughts intruded with my concentration on my workload. Even after busting a nut I continued being aroused by what occurred earlier. The shape of his ass was damn near stuck in my mind.

After my shift ended, I headed home, and I was fucking exhausted. I stayed later to finish up on extra workload. My feet hurts so bad I can even walk straight.

I made it home to what sounded like loud moans. I was not sure if I was hallucinating shit or if It was really moans coming from Dominick’s room. I locked the door and placed my work bag beside the door as I followed the moans from upstairs. I unbuttoned my work shirt and loosen my work tie with every step I made up the stairs. I unzipped my pants and my rock hard dack stood up and alerted. I got to the top step and motioned towards the end of the hall. His moans are passionate and sexy. I reached the end of the hall and when I turned the corner; I did not see him in his bed; he was in mine. He was masturbating while fingering his hole out with two fingers.

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I dropped my pants down to my ankles. My belt hit the floor which caught Dominick’s attention. He didn‘t stop but instead continued stroking harder.

“Oh, Papi!“ He moaned while looking up at me. I spat in my hand and stroked my dack. It‘s no longer a shock for either one of us. It‘s almost as if he wanted me to catch him in my bed stroking and playing in his tight ass. He premeditated this and I’m not even mad at him.

The way he stroked his dack and fingered his hole had me ready to bust two nuts back to back. My eyes lit up even more when he continued pleasing himself. It was almost as if he was getting pleasure from knowing my eyes were fully on him. His hole was creamy as fuck and his fingers are deep in that shit. He was craving this shit just as much as I was and I did not pick up on his cues.

He bit his bottom lip as he gestured for me to come and please him.

“I can’t hold it in no more Papi, come put it in me!” Dominick said as he gripped onto my bedsheets. I wasted no time as I rushed over and got on my knees and ate his ass like a savage. He gripped the back of my head while he stroked his meat slapping it on my face.

“That’s right Papi, eat it up!” He moaned out loud. I slid my tongue from the dept of his hole to the tip of his dack and his body went crazy.

“You taste so good!” I moaned while staring deep into his hole and sucking it out. I know I once said that I would never cross this line. Why would I not take up his offer to feast on his ass? This shit is more than enough to keep me full. I shoved my face back down and buried my tongue and lips in the crack of his ass. He wasn’t ready for this tongue action and by the reaction he gave me when I shoved my tongue deeper inside his walls he was straight blown-away.

“Papi go slow, go slow,” He blurted out in his strong accent. He rubbed the back of my head directing me to go slower with my tongue. We locked eyes and with each stroke of my tongue he couldn‘t resist moaning louder.

“You ready for this chocolate dack?” I asked him as I leaned up and placed the tip of my 10-inch rock hard dack on his hole. He gripped onto it as he eased it inside his soaked bussy-hole. We both let out a loud moan damn near a grunt of pleasure. I could this was his first time getting his cherry popped by the body language he was giving me.

“Papi relax, let me do it!” I said taking control of the situation. I got up in it nice and easy as he laid back with his mouth wide open. That bussy was leaking all over my dack and the shit felt mad good going in that soaked up bussy. He jerked his body as I shoved my dack deeper into him. I leaned over kissing his neck and caressing his shoulders.

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“Oh, fuck!” He moaned staring up into my eyes and nodding his head in approval of how deep I was going inside him. I nodded back as I pressed my lips against his and held him tight in my arms. The deeper I went inside his walls the better he could handle my dack. He bounced and clapped his ass on my dack as he bounced on and off as his cheeks slapped against my balls while going deep.

“Damn Papi, why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta fill my hole like that Papi?” He cried out in pure pleasure. I didn’t give a fuck I kept diving deep inside his walls as his bussy squirted cream all down the shaft of my dack as I pulled out.

“Damn you una verga grande,” He said as I continued to pipe him down. “donde quieres que cum?” He said staring up at me and down at that bussy while I beat that shit up.

“On my stomach!” He said as he rode me and I rubbed his dack. He was pounding my dack deeper and harder into his tight hole. He had that tight snatch and hold too. I glanced down at my dack and back up at him as he was taking it all the way inside him. He moaned even louder when I was caressing his dack matching the stroke I was doing to his walls.

“Papi, you about to make me cum!” He moaned out. I stroked even harder to make him lose his shit.

“Gimme that nut yo!” I mumbled as I ended up pulling my dack out and quivering from the fact I was bussing all down his walls. He ended up Cumming at the same time and that shit flew up and glazed my lips and chest.

The way he spatted that milk all over my face made me bust even more. I squeezed the tip of my dack as he leaned over and sucked the nut off the tip of my dack and off my fingers.

“You taste so good Papi!” He said smiling at me with his phat juicy lips glazed with my nut. He was aggressive with it and held my arms back keeping me from moving. Dominick continued sucking until I yanked my dack from him. He licked his lips and sucked the rest of my nutt off his hands.

‘You nasty fuck!” I moaned stepping back as my dack oozed more nut down my thighs. My dack bounced as my body jerked to the touch.

“Keep this secret between us!” I said staring at him as he sucked his fingers like an addict.

We ended up back in my bed as I gripped onto his bubble ass throughout the night.

We ended up waking up and going straight into round two. After fucking for the second time. We both got ready for work. I’m not sure what will happen between us but I will get in that ass as much as possible.





I write what I love and share what my little golden heart desires! 👨🏾‍💻 Black Gay Writer, Author, Creative Creator. Future Filmmaker, Television Producer and Mogul In The Making!

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He’s Not Your Man! He’s Everybody’s Man Including Your Ex’s!




I can’t stand when people wanna flash and flaunt their relationships when everybody knows the guy ain’t shit.

I’m not talking about the real authentic couples, I’m speaking about the couples who always in some mess.

If you know every and anybody has been with your man, then that’s not your man.

I’m sorry to put it to you like that… unfortunately, too many people claiming ownership over men who ain’t even theirs half the time.

You can’t be on and off with somebody and expect to be the only one he’s laying with or seeing period.

I know it sounds raw, but that’s the truth.

Most couples who are breaking up only to make up just for you to end up getting played out is silly to me.

For me, if we on and off then we not solving anything by staying together.

And more than likely you dipping your dack in somebody else.

I have a hard time believing somebody in a on and off relationship ain’t sliding through somebody else’s bedroom or front door.

These Gays out here trying to hang on, keep around or shelter a man.

If he’s not happy then let him go.

You can’t sit around thinking that you get special treatment that millions of other Gays don’t get.

Forcing something that isn’t there becomes problematic no matter how you try to pretend that shit is fine, when we all know it’s not.

They going to continue to do you wrong while you try to relive a memory that is no longer here for you to relive. Some things are better left done then trying to redo and recreate.

You know he’s not faithful and everyone around you knows this, so why you still lying to yourself?

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Why can’t you see that the man you got ain’t your man sus?

That man belongs to everybody! He’s not trying to be limited to just you.

Is what you should say to him every time he up in your face smiling and trying to sling that dack your way.

Some of these men fight and argue just so they can leave and do their dirt.

You still haven’t caught on yet, sus?

Some of you will stay with a man that ain’t good just to say you got a man. You’ll allow him to damn near do anything and everything foul to you, while you do nothing about it.

That mentality of having half of a man is toxic for many of you.

Instead of moving on and finding better you rather stay and “work it out” when there’s nothing left to work on.

Sometimes the work is done and over and you both still can’t walk away and move on. It’s all about growth and if a person isn’t growing with you, then you stuck with a dud.



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Fellas: Do A Fact Check On These Men!




After my recent failed attempts with dating within the last year, I have started fact checking shit more than ever before…


We about to dive deep!

So let’s get deeper!

I mean, I’m the type to investigate that ass to the fullest!

I wanna know everything about you even the shit you don’t want me to know.

Too many guys out here are playing games especially online.

They will tell you any and everything and leave out the fact that none of it is factual.

Some shit these men say is pure bullshit and will have you questioning yourself.

Some of Y’all are quick to believe everything these men tell you. 

I had a guy lie to me about his entire life!!!

I’ve had guys lie about their status to their past dating history.

I’ve had men lie about having a job only to find out they were street hustling and escorting for TINA and Molly… 

What’s even worse is the fact I had an ex lie about having a baby on me!

I think another [ex] who lied about being in the hospital with food poison when he was really laid up in somebody else’s bed tops them all for me!

But a lie is a lie and a liar ain’t never ashamed to mislead anyone.

Some of these men (I take that back) most of these guys are professional liars.

They have been lying since day one!

They were conditioned to lie about their sexuality and even worse when it comes to their daily lives everything just filled with lies and fairytales.

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To add to the list of lies: They lie about their sexual position, their intentions and even their dack size!

There’s no telling what’s about to come out of a man’s mouth when he speaks to you. Especially when he’s been a liar all his life, that’s all he knows.

Fact check is important!

I like investigating and doing my little investigation on these men.

I check social media accounts even going as far to check in with your mammy and ex!

You gotta get a full ass report on these men out here otherwise they will straight up use you dry and drain you out.

We can’t sit back and trust everything a man tells us especially not off no dating app. If you meeting guys online, take every and anything they say with a grain of salt!

Everything he says can’t be all true even the most honest guys keeping something from you.

Some may say actions speak louder than words but even in this day and age people can show you one thing but mean something else. You can believe you in a whole ass relationship and really find yourself being played!

Trust all things know while believing nothing you hear without the PROOF!




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Y’all Be Giving Off Bottom Teas But Will Top Em All Down!




Looks are deceiving so never get caught up on what looks a certain way because behind a closed door they may surprise you.

I love pretty boys who can give you that feminine energy while being able to buss down booty with no fucks to give.

Yeah, I said it. I like a “feminine” sexy guy who can put on that bottom look that so many of you criticize and he can slang the dack good.

Y’all be sleeping in the good dack because Ya’ll be chasing “masculine” or “straight-acting” ass men. Meanwhile, the ones who got the best dack be the queen’s Ya’ll always shading down!

For me, if it comes down to getting the dack, I want me a man who can handle the ass. I don’t care for a man I can just stare at and show off as a trophy.

Y’all really out here sleeping on some good ass wood. Trust me!

I remember like yesterday when I let my first “bottom” topped me!

Meanwhile Ya’ll with these tops who can’t even keep it up…

Whatever works for you but for me, I’m open minded and the more I explore my options the better my encounters get! Don’t believe me? Try something you’ve never tried and tell me it ain’t good after you experience it on more than one occasion.

I don’t care to hear about lesbian sex or you ain’t letting them climb your back. When a man got good dack, he got good dack! Get out of the looks department and peep out his stroke game!



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