Masculine Gay Men Who Think They’re Straighter Than You! 0 1031

I don’t have a problem with masculine gay men, but I have a problem with those who feel superior.

These men hide behind their hyper masculinity and will blast you in front of their “straight” crew so they can have a seat at the table.

Nobody wants to be that “token gay guy!” Yeah you hang out with the straight boys, but the moment you cross them it’s a wrap!

You can point out all the gay guys to take the attention off of yourself.

You can talk all the ish you want regardless what you do to fit in, they still going to call you an F@@ the moment you annoyed them.

These men act straight because being “gay gay” is not acceptable to them.

I don’t know if it’s because they feel like they can blend into society at ease or rumble through folks bedrooms on the low sleeping with some of those straight boys they “tight” with. It could be many reasons these men feel like they are above other gays.

We need to realize that when we put other gay men down we putting ourselves down as well.

Yeah, they embrace you or act more tolerable towards you. They may even accept you for being gay because you don’t act like those “other gays” or you don’t look like a “gay as hell,” etc.

All that shows is that they will accept you even if that means you putting other gay men down.

These men will do whatever to stand away and not be viewed like other gays. They don’t want association but willing to still sleep with the same gays he wouldn’t dare to be seen with, out in public.

I think some of these men are worse than the down low men who do this type of separation thing.

It’s one thing not to have anything in common with other gay men.

It’s okay to relate to straight guys more than gays.

That should never give a “gay man” who may be more masculine the right to treat others wrong.

We have to protect our community and also love on each other. You don’t have to relate to another gay man’s life choices or decisions for you to respect him for just being a fellow gay man.

We hear it all the time in the Black community. “Oh, you can be gay but don’t be too gay! Don’t go acting like a gay guy!” This is the message that is displayed for us. They want to sweep our lifestyle under the rug but don’t want it out in their spaces or in their faces.

Now we have gay men who were raised to be a certain type of way who looks down on other gay men for being their true selves.

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