Martel Star “Welcome To Emerald City” | He’s More Than An Artist, He’s A Multifaceted Brand! 

I’m working on an album titled “Wicked.” It’s the next part of the series. Now we’re in Emerald City, the album reflects the darkside of that & really my personal struggle of being Martel Star, the artist vs. Martel, in the real world, working on a relationship with God, love, & just trying to survive in life.

Being in Atlanta, Wicked is easy to find, but the internal struggle, that’s the real fight.

– Martel Star


Martel Star wants to take you to Emerald City with his illest flow and dope lyrics. This Out in Hip Hop artist is multifaceted and his talent doesn’t end with just the music. He’s also one of the main actors on the hit web-series “Twisted” created by Dream House Television Network on YouTube.

Check out our exclusive one-on-one interview as he shares his goals, advice and also his love for his craft.



Tell us more about your recent EP “Welcome To Emerald City.” What does this EP mean to you as far as this body of work?


WTEC is my baby. It’s only 6 songs, but it’s my first real introduction. I dropped a mixtape back in 2013, but I was trash back then [lol]. I found my voice & my sound & it’s authentic. Emerald City is really about a journey of finding yourself. Like Dorothy & them, just getting to a place to make your dreams something tangible.


Tell us a little-bit about who you are as Martel, vs. Martel Star (the artist). What are some of your hobbies and goals?


Honestly, this is it. All I know is entertainment. I’m an actor. I play Nick in the web-series “Twisted” on the Dream House Television Network. I’m a brand ambassador for Twisted Fabrik, which is a local line here in Atlanta. And church. I’m super into the church.


What made you get started with acting and music? And if you had to pick one which one would you consider being your first love?


I grew up in theater. Church & school musicals. I’ve prayed that God would enhance my gift & my love & skill continues to grow. It’s hard to weigh them but music is my passion. Like music is Bae [lol].


Who influenced your music as far as artists you grew up listening to?


The-Dream. I think as a songwriter; he is unmatched. So I’m striving to match & surpass. But rap wise, I think both Luda & Busta really don’t get enough credit & I’ve always admired that they didn’t sit in the box of your average rapper
Excellent choices!

So when it comes to your sound vs. other Gay artists, what differentiates you from them?

I can actually rap [lol] Nooooo, I kid I kid. I don’t compare myself to other artist, Gay or straight. I always want to ensure I have my own sound. But I imagine that the biggest difference is content as I don’t typically rap about the Gay lifestyle often.


If you could shout out any Gay rapper who would they be, and what do you like about their style?


I’ve talked to Charlie Xile a few times & I think he’s dope. Like who he is as an artist, he’s committed. But the Freaky Boiz… I would love to do a track with them. I think lyrically, they’re some of the dopest artist I’ve heard spit. They’re fire with the wordplay.


How much would you say your music have improved since your first released track?


Leaps & bounds! My first track I released, I was corny. I sounded like a goofball. Bars were dope, it wasn’t right. Real forced. I’m comfortable now & you can hear it.


Tell us your top three favorite tracks on your latest EP?


1. Gimme What I want. It rides. It’s a lil sexy, has a ratchet vibe on it. & my bot R10 (@_newhomme) features on it & killed the hook.

2. ShowOff. It’s literally a ratchet turn-up track. Me feeling myself. It really showcases my wordplay.

3. Talk That S**t. It was the 1st single form the project & it was the first track where I really felt like I was being Martel Star & not what people wanted me to sound like.


Share with us what influences your music.


Life. My brand is real “Young, wild & ratchet” & that’s what my music is. Like s*x d***s & rock n Roll [lol]. So when it’s time to be a rat, you can turn on Martel Star & get that.


Tell us more about your role on the web-series TWISTED, and how did you land it?

AHHH! I play the role of Nick. It is a story written by Rahim Brazil. I went to the audition & read for another role but he asked me to read for Nick. It was perfection [lol]. Nick is a young naive guy, who’s just looking for love in all the wrong places. He’s HIV positive & isn’t letting that hold him back from finding the right guy.


What’s the biggest connection you would say you have with Nick the character?


I think I was Nick about 8-10 years ago. I wanted to find someone to make me happy at all costs. I’m that n***a now, so that’s not my testimony anymore, but I was definitely in love with the idea of being in love, once upon a time.


What’s your dream role? What type of character(s) would you play next, that you think you could embody the way you do with Nick in the hit series Twisted?


My dream role would be some Harry Potter type s**t. Black people are so under-represented in fantasy type roles. I’m in another series titled “The Real Scholars”, where I play a straight, abusive ex-husband named Mike. I’d love to explore that type of role more. It’s easy to play Nick, because I’ve been Nick. I’ve never been Mike. Unnecessarily aggressive. vulgar. Not Martel. That’s what I would like to get into next.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years as far as your career and goals?


In 10 years, I’ve retired from rap, I’m writing & managing for artists, & I’m acting full time as a series regular on a show like Star or Empire. And that’s really at the bare minimum.


If you could give other Gay rappers or actors any advice what would you tell them and why?


Just go for it. I’m really big on pushing indie creativity. We no longer need a mega-machine to make us successful. Push yourself. Open your own doors. Climb through the windows if you have to, but put yourself out there because NO ONE else is gonna do it for you.


That’s the honest, and raw piece of advice and the most truthful way to put it. Where can the readers find out more about and also where we can they purchase your music?


You can find me on Twitter & IG: @MartelStar On Facebook: Martel Star Music

I’m on all digital music platforms. Martel Star – Welcome to Emerald City.
[The link will take you to all your preferred platform of choice.]


Well, it was a pleasure to have this one on one with you and getting to know a little more about you. What’s one last thing you would like to share with the readers and potential new fans before we close out the interview?


Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to share myself with your viewer & readers. I want to say support the creative’s around you. Repost & shout out your friends because when we turn to the next Beyonce or Jay-Z, you remember who supported you from the beginning.


That’s great! Definitely come back to chat with me about your album! I look forward to listening to the album.


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely shoot it over to you when it’s ready to go!

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