Yes, I have been M-I-A missing in action or as I like it put it, missing in ass. Yes, I love me some booty and I’m a proud member of the booty eating club of America. Yes, I endorse all ass eaters who know how to work that tongue and flip it, swirl it and throw it back.

That’s besides the point, let me stay focus. I’m actually starting to think about some booty I been planning on diving in.

BUT, I have been away from the blog for a few months now. I know it’s fucking crazy, and I have to admit that some other factors played a major part in my absence as well.

For one, I have been busy with work and some major things behind the scenes for my blog. YES! TOP SHIT NO BULLSHIT, ALL FACTS!

I hope none of you forgot about little ole me! So I wanted to create this post and apologize for my lack of updates. Despite, my minor disappearance from the blogosphere and cyber world (social media included) I will be updating you guys again regularly. I have so much I want to talk about and I think distance was needed for me to get back to my love of writing.

Let me cut the bullshit!

One reason also I have been off the gay blogging scene is because felt so overwhelmed with becoming a MAINSTREAM Black gay blogger. At one point, I started trying to meet expectations outside of what I started blogging as which was for fun. I lost my love for writing because I stop writing for all the right reasons.

I got approved for google adsense and I had to alter my writing and content. If you read my articles you can see how watered down they are because I wanted to appear to a cleaner audience. Adsense do not play with vulgar language and I fill my blog with a lot of profanity. I speak my mind and my writing shows that which is solid and honest and people love that rawness about my blog.

At this point, I don’t care to keep up with the Joneses on the block. I have something special about my blog that I do not need to follow the flock of other Black gay bloggers.

I really don’t care for the clout and I never started writing to make a NAME FOR MYSELF. I have always been Anthony and justbeinganthony has always been my expression as a Black gay man. The things I write about other Black gay bloggers do not write about at least not in my honest opinion. I do not follow the crowd and I do not try to FIT IN or STAND OUT. I am just being myself and for those who fuck with the blog fuck with it.

But I wanted to mainstream my blog because I have put in the work to be noticed among my Black gay blogger peers. I’m not seeking any titles but I would appreciate being viewed as one of the few who have pioneered this genre of blogging within the Black gay community. It’s only a hand full of us so why would I not want my name among those amazing writers.

A lot of times people who become bloggers or writers often feel this urge of upgrading their style of writing and concepts, etc. So Instead of just writing naturally I started to become critical of my work. I started my blog for fun and then with the numbers I became more self conscious of everything. It was almost like I forgot what I was writing for and wanted to be more embraced by the big dogs in the gay community.

I’m not the best writer, my grammar can be on or off, etc. It’s a lot and pressure to meet my own expectations of what I wanted to become as a writer and it got the best of me. So I would say being so hard on myself kept me away as well.

But I’m going back to square one and I want to fall back in love with writing for the love of it. I don’t care about anything other than maintaining a support system and uplifting Black gay men and others in our community.

I don’t want to box myself in and I don’t want to feel like I can be compared to other Black gay writers. My approach to blogging and writing is unique, and I set my own trends.

Some new things you can expect on the blog, well more openness and honesty. I want to speak on more topics and invite plenty more guests on my blog from the community. I want to do so much but some things have to be kept under wraps and revealed at the right time.

Before I end this article, I want to apologize once again to all of you my amazing readers. You guy still be supporting the blog and that means everything to me. Stay posted cause I got so much more coming!!! 😉 

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