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I got to share this with you guys because it touched me.

I got a message on Facebook from an elder in the community. He wanted to share with me his love for my blog. He’s in his 40s and single.

He’s been alone for almost 20 years and dribbles and dabbles in relationships but nothing long lasting has occurred for him yet. He’s lonely and expressed the fact that as he’s getting older, he would love a companion.

He feels like it’s too late for him at his age to find true love. He thinks nobody wants him because of his age. This man is very handsome, so it’s hard to believe that nobody would want to date him.

I asked him the type of men he finds attractive, and he told me any man that can keep a smile on his face.

He’s not the first man over 40 that has shared cryptic message with me. There are quite a few men over 40 who believe that after 40 it’s too late to find love.


It’s never too late to find love again!

Regardless of your age it’s possible for any and everyone to find love. I know the struggle of it becoming harder as we all mature with age, but it’s possible.

I’ve had several people ask about dating older men. Some of these men are decent guys. They are well rounded and career driven. So there is somebody out there for you, them, him and everybody else out chere looking for love.

Ish, if Stella could get her groove back after 40, then why can’t you?

Love is such a powerful thing that you can find it if you just remain open and ready.

I think we don’t have enough positive influences in the community when it comes to love. Somehow many of us feel so guarded because of past hurts and pains that we aren’t willing to give it another try.

You can’t give up or stop believing in love no matter how long it seems since you’ve been in love.

In his case he feels like most guys only proposition him for sex.

He also expressed his dislike for younger guys who also just want to talk to him hoping to receive money from him.

He thinks most guys his age only chase after younger guys.

Yeah it may take us talking to a million people to find that one person who will love us for life. That’s just the way the dice roll. There are more options than we know about, but believe in love to be able to earn it.

Love can come when you least expect it, but love can also arrive when you are ready and deserving of all of its bliss.

It starts with the way you view love and how you view yourself finding it. The more positive you are the better the outcome will be in your favor.

We set the tone for our dating experiences. What we create is based on our own reality and way of thinking.

So while he thinks that all younger guys want him for money then he’ll just attract those type of guys.

Fear can have a strong hold on us to the point it blurs out all hope. I don’t think a lot of these men lost hope; I believe they just fear finding themselves hurt again.

He’s been hurt and dealt with those problems in the past. I just don’t think he should allow the past to determine his future success at finding love again.

So I want all my readers over 40 to know that it’s never too late to find love again. It’s possible, and it’s up to you to embrace change in your thought process to receive everything you’re seeking or dreaming of creating in your life. It starts within the way you think in order for the results that you want to see.

Don’t give up and don’t allow age to stop you from trying again.

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