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Manifesting works differently for everybody. Some people may end up lucky while others might have to wait a little longer. Do the work and allow time and the universe (GOD) to handle the rest for you. I believe the universe and GOD are one.

What you put out you will get back so make sure you’re manifesting with a clear conscious and an open heart and an open mind. You do not want to be close minded, judgmental or inpatient when it comes to manifestation.

Everything you ask for you just may end up receiving so be mindful what you put into the universe and what you create in your mind. We create our own reality. We create our future and also the places we go in life. If you want a good man, then create that man first in your mind and allow your reality to become just that.

I don’t have time to give ALL the information. I wanted to share with you guys the main factors of manifesting and how I have manifested in my life. You can google and also find more information online and even on YouTube. Many people are becoming more aware of the power they hold if they tap into that space and give themselves that ability of creating their own reality.

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