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How many times are we going to be foolish when it comes to men?

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I know dick and ass already have us in the sunken place.

But we can’t be caught slipping at the same damn time?


One of my readers reached out to me regarding his dating life.

Being that I always speak real shit.

He wanted me to give him my advice. 

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He’s out here doing what about 99.999 percent of you be doing out here.

You meet a guy.

You fuck.

He ghosts.

You left wondering what went wrong?

[Friend, where did we go wrong?]

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You try to come up with 99 different reasons why you get ghosted by the majority of men you meet and screw.

But for some reason, everything comes to mind, but the fact that you fucked him.

These guys are out here playing games.

Mind games.

Physical games.

Video games. 

But of all games, they play mental games the best.

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They will tell you whatever the fuck you want to hear.

In order for them to get the prize.


It’s a game of cat and mouse.

And I’m sorry to be bluntly honest.

He put out the bait.

You bit it.

And you were the catch. 

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I know your feelings are hurt about it.

But you gotta know how to play the game.

To win the prize.

Not to play stupid games 

And win stupid prizes. 


You never give up the ass to a man who you have no type of connection to.

You never ever give up your body to a sleazeball on the first night.

If y’all haven’t created a bond and all he wants is sex, sex, sex.

Then you, my dear friend, have set yourself up for failure.

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Yes, the sex was spectacular!!! In my Kiley Williams voice. 

He will only do what you allow him to do with your body.

After he gets what he wants, what did you expect him to do?


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We keep making these mistakes when it comes to guys and act surprised when they use us.

But we have to be smarter than that.

You have to learn how to have more respect for yourself if you want a man to respect you. 

Most of us make bad choices when it comes to men and how we allow them to treat our bodies. 

The biggest lesson is to know who you’re dealing with and what you can expect out of the situation. 

We become so trusting of guys we meet not knowing their true intentions for us. 

Stop always thinking with your dick or ass and start using your mind and intuition. 

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