Gay Vibes From Straight Guys

Some of our gaydars work better than others.

Some of us can see beyond the physical realm and into the minds of others.

You may be a psychic




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But getting gay vibes from straight guys is real.

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Sometimes it comes from just a glance.

Sometimes it’s a feeling you just can’t shake.

But it does exist and it is real.


You are not crazy.

You may be crazy 

But you are not crazy about this.


Now don’t mix your gaydar with foolish thinking.


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I am not advising anybody reading this article to act off of impulse or false assumptions.

Do not,

I repeat.

Do not put yourself in a situation 

You can’t get out of!

Be smart.

Be wise.

Be cautious.

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But yes sometimes when you get that gay vibe from a guy you would assume is straight.

You may be able to spike up a conversation.

Do not be shy.

If he’s giving you the feeling to proceed then make your move.

I can’t stress this enough.

A lot of these men will not make the first move


Even approach you.


But they will give you the signal.

Even if you don’t do it right away.

Don’t be like me,

See the signs and ignore them.

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I’ve had several chances with guys who were putting it directly in my face. BUT I didn’t jump on the opportunity.  

Trust me!

I waited too late, many times, and it cost me trade. 

But like I said!!!

Do not do this unless you are for sure this is what he’s doing!

Don’t be messy!

Don’t get yourself in some shit!


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The best move to make is a simple introduction.

You don’t have to do the most.

Just say hello.

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By his reaction, you’ll know how to follow the pursuit.

If you don’t continue getting those vibes!

Cut your losses 

And chalk it up to the game.

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Gay vibes can sometimes be misconceptions and false assumptions.

Be cautious.

If you win a piece of trade, congratulations. 


Be aware of his intentions up front! 

Be cautious of what he plans on doing with you.

Everybody is not trying to be Cinderella.

They are not seeking that big fairy-tale ending love story. 

So if you not into fucking trade only to become a past piece of ass, don’t go after these men.


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Now go pull that straight guy who been giving you gay vibes! 

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