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One On One With Anthony

Exclusive Interview With @PoeticDrugs @ItsDeonn @DE7EN_MUA | Black Gay MUA’s You Need To Check Out Today!




I have nothing but loveee and admiration for Black Gay MUA’s! I think so many black men (regardless of their sexuality) who work in the beauty industry are often underrated and overlooked. When it comes to the industry MUA’s are at the top of the entertainment world.

They beat faces for the GAWDS and they also showcase beauty in so many creative ways. How can we not love and support these men?

CREDIT: Victor Ramos @vicmram

Whenever I’m on IG I always look at @poeticdrugs and all of the other black gay MUA’s pages for their creativity.

Makeup is an art form, but it’s also a way of life! For a lot of these men, makeup is therapeutic and also a way of expression. Everybody’s purpose is different but one thing we can all agree on is the fact these men are GIFTED in the art of beauty.

I reached out to a couple of black gay MUA’s online and asked them to do this exclusive interview. I TRULY don’t feel like these men are always supported outside of the make-up community. I feel like we should be embracing them in our community more often. While the girls and straight folk admire all the Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s of the industry. I feel like we really do forget the MUA’s in our community who paint their faces and give the girls LIFEEEEE.


Hey, thanks for doing this interview. I would love to start off speaking about how you’ve had some pretty major publications showcase your work. How has all of this newfound fame and experience been for you?

@poeticdrugs My experience has been super smooth than most male black MUAS like me. I think it’s been easy because I’m usually the 1 black guy that makes the blogs “ diverse ”

Could you please go down the list of a couple of achievements for some of my readers, who may not be familiar with your work?

@poeticdrugs I would say one of my achievements is making black males in the makeup industry more visible. I’m not the inventor of highlight, but i brought highlight to the face front of makeup. I’m the king of highlight!

PERIODDDDDDD! FACTS… I would agree because your talent speaks for itself. When did you get your start as an MUA?

@poeticdrugs I started 2015 just being normal taking pictures and one day a pic went viral out of nowhere. I slightly knew because i wanted to become huge, so that drove me to the top and in perfect timing, i don’t regret any sacrifices i had to make at all.

If you could list 10 other black gay MUA’s who would make the list?

@poeticdrugs Stahr Milan has to be number one even if you think he’s problematic or generally doesn’t like him. He was the first that every little black boy watches me included. @vicmram @heflawless @antoniobeauty @kam_lester @varijstylez @neonmua @izzyrray @lamaranthony_ @malikrichie @bronzemarley @barbiegutz All of them are amazing and there are many many more.










Yessss!!! I love Stahr Milan! I love his realness! If you could give the up and coming black gay MUA’s (who will be coming up after you) some advice, what’s one major piece of advice you would give them?

@poeticdrugs Be yourself, what you can get do it today don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t be that 60yr old gay wishing you would’ve did something. You only get one shot. Do makeup for you! If they hate, make them like it. Makeup has no instructions.

That’s SOLID advice and also some gems!

One last question before we end the interview…

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now and also for your brand?

@poeticdrugs I see myself happy and i see myself accomplishing everything i want even if i have $0 in the bank. My brand is going to be so huge i can’t even say because it’s too out of the box to imagine!

Follow Poetic Drugs On Instagram / Twitter / Youtube Channel


Heyyy Deonn! How long have you been doing make up for? 
@ItsDeonn Well, I’ve been doing MY makeup for 2 years now. Just like every guy that gets into makeup, i started out w/ brows & literally only did that for a year, until i came across & full-face beauty boy who looked like me  & i was intrigued to do more!
You took your time, that’s the best way of learning because practice does make perfect.
One question I have that often pops up in my head a lot when it comes to black gay men of color in beauty.
Dating and relationships seem to be hard for most of us, but I could only imagine how complicated it has to be could be in our extremely hyper-masculine community as most of us are surrounded by men who often reject feminine men or what they deem as effeminate.
How would you describe your dating life while being open, bold and owning your glam lifestyle?
@ItsDeonn My dating life while being open & “Owning My Glam Lifestyle”. I honestly feel like personally, under the hundreds of layers of makeup that i pile on my face, I’m just as confident barefaced. That can intimidate a lot of people. Especially in the gay community. Even more in the black gay community.
A lot of us, [me included] judge off of what we see. You see a gay guy in full glam, turning Looks & stunting pretty & you assume that he’s probably hella feminine or wears makeup to cover insecurities or wants to be a woman. People’s first thought isn’t, he loves the artistry which is makeup and beauty. W/ all of that being said, my love life (at the moment) is on a standstill. People are intimidated by confidence while dating so until i meet someone who matches my confidence & self-assurance… I’m single… 💅
I think men who wear makeup are fucking sexy as hell. Let’s speak about dealing with society as a whole. Have you ever been out in public and experienced any harassment or maybe even ”dl” men trying to get at you?
@ItsDeonn I’ve experienced harassment as a gay man, not primarily for wearing makeup. I mean I’m sure that would add to homophobes disliking me. But one thing about me. I’m from the Westside of Chicago. If someone wants to come for me, BITCH YOU HAVE TO COME FOR ME! Period! And the topic of DL men… we all have experienced them or are currently experiencing them & I’ll leave that at that! 😂
Eggzactly! What inspires you the most when it comes to makeup, glam, and feeling you’re inner sexy with a beat face?
@ItsDeonn What inspires me is to see people who look like me, WIN! It’s so uplifting & motivating! Us as “Black Beauty Boys” get overlooked by sooooo many, so to see one of my peers excited that a brand reposted them or they got alike from their fave influencer motivates me to want to do the same. Underdogs motivate me! Especially ones dipped in chocolate w/ blinding highlight. And i make sure i give kudos when i see these things happening. You can be the one person who someone is looking for recognition from & to do that, it can make them feel the best ever. Even “sexy” i guess.
What’s the biggest misconception you think black gay men (feminine or not) get about wearing makeup?
@ItsDeonn That we’re hiding insecurities or think we’re some sort of ugly.
If you could list 3 other gay make up gurus who has inspired you to get into makeup who would they be and why?
@ItsDeonn Easy!
1. Stahr @StahrMilan, first boy that I’ve ever seen in makeup who helped me realize that boys can wear makeup too & if someone has an issue w/ it, that’s that person’s own issue. In addition to keeping his friends who sparked the same interest close to him.
2. Vari @VariJStylez, as i got deeper into makeup & wanted to learn about complexion products & face shapes & came across Vari who has the same skin type as me. Same eye shape like me. And we’re the same shade in EVERYTHING. And what i love the most about him is how humble he is. Bro literally gains 5000 followers per week, but i can personally say, that whenever i message him about anything makeup related, i get a response instantly. Even though we’ve never met. I feel like I’ve known him for years just from social media.
3. Mark/Poetic @1poeticdrugs, literally as “extra” as people say he is. I’m gonna keep this short. He’s literal “Reaction Goals” to me. As shocked as he makes people. Inspires me. As angry as he makes people. Inspires me. As inspiring as he is to people. Inspires me. As much as he rides for BLACK BEAUTY BOYS. Inspires the hell out of me! And he’s the king of turning looks on these hoes! Excuse my language. Literal makeup looks inspo.
What advice would you give gay men who may want to get into makeup but fear of being judged?
@ItsDeonn My advice is, you’re already getting judged for being gay. Might as well get judged w/ a snatched brow & a fluffy/wispy lash. Find someone or something that inspires you & in the words of RuPaul, “YOU BETTER WORK!!!!!”
Do you feel like there’s a lot of competition among the glam community when involving gay men? If so, why?
@ItsDeonn To be honest, i don’t think it’s too much competition per-say. But i do think that it’s a lack of support from one another.
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De7en THANK YOU for doing this interview! You were one of the first MUA boys I hit up over A YEAR AGO and we had some setbacks. Thank you for being so understanding! 

@De7en_MUA Hey babes!! I’m so excited to do this interview with you!!

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I am too!!! 

The first question is what is your day-to-day life as a black gay MUA?

Second question: how do you describe your signature makeup look?

@De7en_MUA Day-To-Day life for me as an MUA is very interesting, it’s a very creative lifestyle but it can also be creatively draining! Artist block is real if you don’t take breaks! But other than that, it’s a fun-filled roller coaster full opportunity!!

My signature look is very editorial, I love the minimal product on my skin but I love an artist pop on the eyes and lips!

Who was the first gay MUA you discovered online and how did they influence you to want to become apart of the beauty industry?

@De7en_MUA The first MUA I discovered was Patrick Starr! To this day he is my favorite person! His positivity and humor inspired me more than anything! Patrick is never in drama, he’s also focusing on his craft and working hard to inspire others! Love him!

Shout out to Patrick Star who is doing the damn thing!!!

Tell us the first biggest mistake you made when you first got started with makeup?

@De7en_MUA My biggest mistake was thinking I knew exactly what I was doing when I first started playing in makeup! But of course, you have to make mistakes and learn from them to become the best version of yourself!

Let’s talk about dating and having an actual love life as a black boy in the beauty industry. How has dating been for you since being open with your glam and makeup?

@De7en_MUA Actually I’ve been in a strong relationship for 4 years now as an MUA! It wasn’t that hard for me while dating because I wasn’t into mac guys believe it or not! [Tbh] I love fem or verse guys! Let’s start a trend! #fem4fem 😉

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FEM4FEM! That’s a topic we have to do SOON!

My next question for you: Why do you think gay feminine men get such a bad rep in the community?

@De7en_MUA I think we get a bad rep because a lot of gay men want hyper-masculine men, they see us a weak! But honestly, I think there’s more strength in being openly fem! Fem guys go through more on their journey than masculine men because masculine guys merge in with society’s expectations! Fem guys don’t. If you’re confident as a fem man that’s saying a lot about you! I find it attractive!

Have you ever been out in public and experienced any harassment or maybe even “DL” men trying to get at you?

@De7en_MUA I’ve experienced bullying in high school but no harassment as an adult. I’ve dated a DL guy once, it didn’t work because I told him I wouldn’t be his secret! I’ve never dated another DL man after him, a very uncomfortable situation!

Tell us the craziest story of you being out in public in a full beat face and people’s reaction to your beauty?

@De7en_MUA Oddly enough, there hasn’t been any crazy situation with me being in public with a beat face! I’ve never had any altercation with anyone about it.

Why do you think people are so judgmental of gay men wearing makeup?

@De7en_MUA Society shows us that makeup is for women ONLY! I think once we advertise more men wearing makeup, ppl won’t judge as much!

How did your family and friends feel/react discovering your interest and love for makeup?

@De7en_MUA It was a shocker to my family but they accepted it, my mom and grandma always told me “You don’t need that mess, you look handsome without it.” But as time went by they became very supportive once they saw the opportunities I was getting for doing it!

Outside of doing makeup, what other hobbies would you consider on top of your list?

@De7en_MUA Outside of makeup I’m heavily into gaming, anime, and lofi music! One day I would love to produce my own video game and anime! I would also like to own a lofi music lounge/bar!


What do you honestly love the most about doing makeup or working on other people’s makeup?

@De7en_MUA I love doing my makeup because of it reliefs a lot of stress! I’m not into doing makeup on others anymore, I kind of fell out of love with it. But I’m deeply in love with doing my own makeup!

What inspires you the most when it comes to design and glam and feeling your inner sexy?

@De7en_MUA Runway inspires me most! Everything on the runways screams confidence! All of the makeup looks are simply incredible while also being minimal!

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What frustrates you the most about the beauty industry and guru culture?

@De7en_MUA The beauty industry a guru culture doesn’t accept black men, we don’t get the same deals or opportunities as our white counterparts! [Tbh] as long as you’re not black you can make it far! Not one black guy has had their collaboration with a brand on his own!

What separates you from other gay MUA’s and also what’s one thing you could say that many of you have in common?

@De7en_MUA I think my individuality separates me from others, there’s only one Devin! No one can be me or do what I do! But one thing we all have In common is our desire to be heard and seen! All artists want recognition for their hard work!

Do you feel like there’s competition in the glam community when involving gay men? If so, why?

@De7en_MUA I do think our community can be competitive just like any other community! But I feel like everyone needs to accept the fact that we are our own competition! You should compete with yourself, especially in this industry! Focus on yourself!

MUA’S are pretty popular in the beauty world and on social media. Do you think black gay MUA and guru’s get the support they deserve?

@De7en_MUA No, black gay guru’s are highly overlooked! For one, we are black, and also we are men! That’s two strong strikes against us! We have to fight extremely hard for our opportunities!

What’s the biggest challenge for you as a gay man who loves makeup?

@De7en_MUA My biggest challenge is getting opportunities that I could only dream of! It’s really hard for me to partner with brands or even get recognized by brands!

If you could describe one signature look what would that be for you and why?

@De7en_MUA Homes, one signature look would be the natural look! I love makeup that looks like you’re not wearing anything but perfect skin! I think the beauty community crams full glam down our throats too much because the average person usually asks for the natural look!

If you could come up with your own cosmetics line what would you call it?

@De7en_MUA It would be called “Amour Cosmetics”! It’s French for the word love.

What’s the biggest misconception you believe most gay MUA’s deal with often?

@De7en_MUA People think we all do makeup on others, and all of us don’t.

What are your top ten beauty tips for gay men who want to experiment with the art of makeup?

@De7en_MUA Tips-

1. Don’t be afraid to go to make up counters and ask for help.

2. Practice skincare just as much as makeup.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear makeup in public.

4. Instagram makeup is NOT real-life makeup.

5. It’s ok to do a natural beat.

6. There will be trials and errors on your journey to perfection.

7. Make sure you brush the product out of your beard if you have one.

8. Do not get into makeup because you want instant gratification or popularity.

9. Don’t pay attention to the likes or views.

10. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it, make sure you like it!

Top three pieces of advice you would give gay men who have never done makeup but may be interested in getting involved in the beauty industry for fun or professionally (gay or straight?)

@De7en_MUA Top 3:

1. Dive into your craft head first!

2. Practice on yourself or anyone who will allow you to do so!

3. Try to work at Sephora, it’s literally boot camp for beginners!









If you could work with any celebrity who would it be?

@De7en_MUA I would love to work with Rihanna!

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years of your career?

@De7en_MUA In the next ten years I see myself with a very respected career, I see myself being very well known and also branching off into other things!

Tell us the moment you knew you had “arrived” in the world of BEAUTY?

@De7en_MUA I knew I had arrived when I got recognized by Anastasia Beverly Hills multiple times and also got added to their PR list!

My last question for you, What is your beauty philosophy?

@De7en_MUA My beauty philosophy is Beauty is on the inside, let the inner you shine!

Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!



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One On One With Anthony

One On One Interview With SoDebNair (Relationships And Love, Jussie Smollett, Affairs Of The Heart Podcast And More!)





SoDebNair is a multi-talented content creator who is taking on the podcast world with his newest podcast series Affairs Of The Heart  | The Podcast featuring his co-host Dewayne. 

If you guys don’t follow him on Twitter/Instagram then you need to make sure you do after reading this exclusive interview.

Hey, thanks for doing this interview with me. What made you decide to come up with Affairs Of The Heart The Podcast?

SoDebNairNo problem. So Affairs of the Heart is a call-in segment I had on my radio show years ago. I loved it because I was able to help so many people deal with questions they have pertaining to relationships.

Interesting! So the listeners can expect to hear a lot of topics regarding love, dating, and relationships?

SoDebNairYes, the show is designed to deal with sex and relationships for the average gay black man. I was in a 10-year relationship and married for 4 of those years. He was my first boyfriend. I take my experience and I share that with our listeners. 

Tell us how you and your co-host met and why you guys decided to do this podcast series.

SoDebNair: I met Dewayne almost 8 years ago. If you guys are familiar with the movie “The Skinny” he played one of the guys who raped and drugged the boy at the party. He’s also in a web series called street behavior. But my ex introduced us and we have been cool ever since. When I moved to Atlanta and me and my ex broke up I immediately went back to radio. Before meeting him, I had worked for magazines and radio stations back in Ohio.

Dewayne moves here to Atlanta while I was working at a streaming radio station and would come on as my guest co-host. So one day I woke up because one of my best friends from home had moved here to pursue her dreams and it encouraged me to do my own thing. I got on Amazon and bought all my podcast equipment and I called Dewayne and I said we need to start a podcast. We have always had very dope chemistry and are both passionate about dating in this community.

What are some future goals you guys have for the podcast?

SoDebNair: My goal is to have a live podcast where we travel and have important conversations that are needed for us gay black men. What I love is that we are both very open-minded. So no question is off the table, which is why I think we would be great with live podcasts and panel discussions about dating as gay men of color.

I also think it’s needed because the two of you seem to bring something different to the community with the podcast. I’m sure you listen to other black gay podcasts out there such as H.I.M Podcast and HereForItPod as well as the amazing Armon Wiggins on youtube.

How do you feel about all of these gay men of color creating podcasts with these huge platforms in the gay podcast community?

SoDebNair: I listen to H.I.M. And Here for it, I’ll have to check out Armon Wiggins, there is a lot of podcasts out there that I had never heard of until I did my research one of my favorite ones is called Hella Single from Slay TV. He did an episode where he interviewed his ex about why they are not together and I thought that was dope, my ex had been trying to get me on his YouTube channel for a few years since we interviewed with Juan & Gee to kinda do a where are we now conversation.

What‘s one topic you think you two will cover that will go viral or could get a lot of people in the community thinking or involved with the show?

SoDebNair🤔 that’s a good question, I don’t think it will be an actual topic. I think it’s gonna be people realizing how realistic and honest I am. I think people feel like I’m a hard pill to swallow because I’m so direct. But if I had to answer a topic it would probably be me talking about dating my ex. A lot of people are familiar with him and I but outside of the church world don’t know that he was my husband.

Tell the fans a little bit about yourself. Who is “SoDebNair”?

SoDebNairSo I am just a 36-year-old single gay black man who has a big heart trying to figure out how to date lol. I want to get married again and have children build an empire with my bae (when I get one.). But most people think I’m mean they say I have the resting bitch face. But I’m one of the nicest, caring, and giving person you will ever meet. After taking time to heal from my relationship I’m out here in these streets trying to meet someone that sees the value in a relationship. I work hard in all of my business ventures this podcast is showing me new avenues of social media marketing I never knew. But overall I’m just the boy next door, I’m very shy in person but once you get to know me that’s out the window. I’m a protector, my love language is quality time. My ideal date in my head is laying on the sofa or bed cuddled up watching reruns of girlfriends (it’s my favorite show.) with my feet touching his and falling asleep in his arms.

That’s so romantic! So being over 30 and dating would you consider it much harder than it was for you 10 years ago?

SoDebNair: I hope this also becomes a topic on the show.

Because you’re a very handsome guy so a lot of guys may be intimidated or may not know how to approach you based on all you’ve achieved so far.

SoDebNair: We’ll see that’s the thing I don’t know, my ex is the only boyfriend I had and we didn’t date I met him on a Thursday and moved in on Sunday. I would never do that again. But my entire 20’s was a relationship, so I couldn’t tell you if it’s harder. I do know (and I talk about this on my podcast) it’s hard for me not to fall into husband mode when I’m dating.

What‘s one lesson you’ve learned from your last relationship that you wouldn’t want to make again in your next relationship?

SoDebNairSo one thing I’m big on is love languages, I didn’t realize they had a test for your anger and apologies. What I learned about myself is that I am a person where you have to show me not tell me things. I.E. don’t tell me you love me show me you love me. My ex was the total opposite, so I would learn my partner’s love languages so that I can speak to them. I would also not make everything about me, which is hard because I was spoiled growing up. But I wanna give all of that to my next partner.

What advice would you give to other gay podcasters who may want to get started in podcasting but don’t know how to go about starting their own platform?

SoDebNairDO IT! I was just talking to one of my brothers about him starting a podcast. He was hesitating because I had talked about topics he wanted to tackle but I told him “your perspective is gonna be different than mine. Your married and I’m single.” We will all cross each other’s topics at some point but it will be different experiences, I feel like podcasting is the new novel, people are not reading as much as they are listening and watching.

Yeah, that’s very true so what’s next for your brand? What do you see for yourself outside of podcasting in the future?

SoDebNair: I am getting ready to venture off into YouTube. We recorded our first video episode the other day. My radio show “The Saturday morning brunch crew” is gearing up for season 2 in January as well.

What’s one thing you want the listeners and potential new fans and supporters to take away from the podcast?

SoDebNair: That love has no limits, we do.

When it comes to your radio show, how did you find interest in being on air?

SoDebNair: So I used to do A LOT of customer service jobs over the phone. 70% of the people I talked to would tell me how great my voice is and that I should think about radio. So one day I was driving my mom’s car (over 10 years ago) and this commercial came on for this broadcasting school. I pulled over and called the number and enrolled that very day.

Between doing radio and new your new venture with the podcast what do you like the most about being on a radio show and podcasting?

SoDebNair: I like the podcast because I have full control over everything. If it fails it’s on me if it succeeds it on me. I also love the podcast because there are no rules, so people are getting a chance to experience the real me unfiltered.

When it comes to the gay community supporting each other, do you feel like the support could be stronger and if so how can we support new ventures like yours and others in the community?

SoDebNair: So yeah I feel like we need to create more space with each other. Like, I listen to all the podcasts you name out of support. But I also purchase LGBT music and web series stuff at some point just for the culture. One thing I would love to do is to have a black LGBT podcast festival. So we know who to support, search the browser doesn’t always lead you to all of them, I’m gonna add the other podcast to my website once I’m finished building it.

How do you feel about gays who shade each other or don’t want to see others win due to them wanting to be on top?

SoDebNair: I hate it but I also understand it. We all are trying to make a name for ourselves when it comes to this industry. In my opinion, I think we could do more together than we can while being divided. But everyone isn’t like that because they want to save something on this earth and say they accomplished it. Unfortunately, it’s at unfortunately it cost them friendship and relationships with other people because they believe it’s a race. I’m a believer in quality over quantity. I’d rather have a few listeners who are engaged than a bunch of people listening to talk shit about me

If you could have 5 potential guests on your podcast? Gay influencers or artists who would they be and why?

SoDebNair: Patrick Ian Polk because I really wanna talk to him about a show idea the same with Lee Daniels. Adair & Jason from styling Hollywood, I would love to get life coaching from them oh how they can mix business with their relationship and last I would have to say Jussie Smollet I’m still rooting for him. I know everyone feels like he’s trash but I just don’t believe he made that story up.

That is a bomb ass list! When it comes to Jussie Smollet why do you feel like people love to uplift people only to crucifix them and love their downfalls? Jussie played a major role on television and it helped the community in more ways than one.

SoDebNair: Because that’s what we have been taught our whole lives. We uplift the DL men for sex but trash him in public and when he comes out he’s no going to us anymore.

What’s been your biggest struggle or issue with the gay community that you plan on speaking on in a future episode of your podcast or on your youtube channel?

SoDebNairMy biggest issue 🤔 my biggest issue is honestly dating. I feel like guys lack communication skills, I’ve dated locally and long-distance and it’s the same across the board. I do wish black gays were nicer to each other as well.

Before we end this interview would you like to share anything with the readers who may have not heard about you before reading this article?

SoDebNair: Yes, I’m single and ready to mingle so shoot your shot. [lol]


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One On One With Anthony

Exclusive Interview With The Funkadelic Rising Artist | Wuhryn Dumas




Wuhryn Dumas is an Atlanta native star on the rise! Many consider him as glitter on fire, Dumas is funkadelic, Pop, R&B, House, Jazz and he has an undertone of soul. Challenging the social norms with not only identity, fashion, and style, but musically as well.

With a fireball of energy on stage and on record, Wuhryn seeks to change the music stratosphere and bring back feel good music back to the mainstream music industry.

With a single titled “Chemistry‘“ currently on all streaming platforms and a new buzz single titled “4LeafClover” also written by Dumas, Wuhryn is set to release his EP soon with nothing but original good vibes.

I discovered him on Twitter last month, and I instantly hit him up for this exclusive JBA interview. His style, charisma, and sound are hands down unique and addictive. I am truly in love with his latest single 4LeafClover. This is a talent that you can not overlook or ignore. He gives me Prince teas!!!

Hello, Wuhryn! My first question is about your unique name. It’s so catchy, tell us more about it.

Wuhryn Dumas: Hello! Thank you for speaking with me! So my name stage name is pronounced the same as my real first and middle name. I spelled my first name a bit different but its all me.

That’s amazing! You were born in Atlanta GA, tell us how your love for singing and dancing helped you to become the artist that you are today?

Wuhryn Dumas: Honestly, I’ve always been a shy, timid and introverted child but my imagination has always led me to create and wonder. I would get hooked to music, music videos, dancing, and was always fascinated with recording. Being introverted also taught me how to live big. 

I was reading your bio which describes your sound as being funkadelic, Pop, R&B, House, Jazz and an undertone of soul. Explain what made you want to combine all these sounds for your music?

Wuhryn Dumas: I strive to live up to these elements as an artist because I love many genres of music and would love to be able to pour each influence into my songs. I think it’s important to dive into all aspects of music. I have a few new records I plan to release with these vibes and styles in mind. I will say my latest efforts have influences of jazz and pop was liberating, I knew that I can do anything like a performer with persistence, growth, and focus.

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You mentioned being a shy, timid, introverted child. What made you step out of your fears and put your best foot forward when it came to performing and music growing up?

Wuhryn Dumas: Growing up for me was very indifferent [haha!] Being gay, shy and just not the bee’s knees. I was covering myself up and masking all the things I wanted to feel free in. I had been told that my dreams were not valid and that it was unreal. But then I found my love for performing and just being myself..

You seem like the type of person who likes to challenge social norms with not only your identity, fashion, style but also musically. Why do you feel it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd of other LGBTQA+ artists out today?

Wuhryn Dumas: I think it’s a mix in-between both. I want to grow my fan base but I think that good music is good music especially if you have your sound and add new sounds together. If you can make good music alone, the people who like you and good music will come along with you. Time will tell.

I don’t seek to stand out in the crowd but only to be seen amongst my peers. I think everyone has their own magic they bring to their music and the stage. It’s beautiful that others live as freely but also have great talent that you can’t deny.

You want to change the music stratosphere and bring “feel-good music” back to the mainstream music audience. As a gay artist, do you feel like there’s more work ahead for you due to the climate of music currently and also the lack of gay acts currently being pushed to the masses outside of Lil Nas X, etc?

Wuhryn Dumas: I think the mold is currently breaking because of Lil Nas X. He‘s given music a shake, as well as Frank Ocean and Sam Smith. I think for myself I have a lot of work to do in general as an artist. I have to make sure my music hits and I work my butt off.

The first song I came across on your page was your buzz single titled “4LeafClover” what is the inspiration behind it? (I love the single by the way!)

Wuhryn DumasWell thank you very much! ‘4LeafClover‘ is a free single because it is inspired by one of my all-time favorite producers Kaytranda. It’s an unfinished track of his and I always felt like his production fit my sound and artistry. So I wrote a song over it in hopes of catching his ear but also finding my sound. It was a very fun record.

As a songwriter what inspires you to write music? What influences you the most during the writing and recording process?

Wuhryn DumasI have a wild imagination man, truly [haha]. I have my days where I’m just ready to create and hear sounds, some days I’m hurt, somedays I want just have a project finished [haha]. But what inspires me the most to write is just my passion to sing and perform. I enjoy recording and making music.

You’re currently working on an EP? What type of sound can your fans and new supporters hear in this body of work?

Wuhryn DumasYes, this Ep has been in the process for a good minute. This EP is self-written with many sides to my personality. The overall theme is love but on levels from being in love, intimacy, situation-ships and so on. My Warriorz and new supporters can expect Pop, R&B and House vibes for sure.

Tell us what you plan to title this EP?

Wuhryn Dumas: I have a few names, I been through a lot in the past few years while finding my sound. I want to complete my project and then name it right after hearing all the songs in full length.

If you could be mentored by 3 major or indie artists out today, who would be on your list of musical mentors?

Wuhryn DumasFirst of all them all would be hands down Pharrell Williams! His music is timeless and just feels good! I would also love to be mentored by Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake.

That’s the perfect group of iconic musical legends. Before we close out this interview can you share your social media with the readers so new fans can know how to keep up with you?

Wuhryn DumasYes they are, #GOALS! I want to hello to the reader and new Warriorz! I hope you all love what you see so far and look forward to growing with you. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook under @WuhrynDumas / Wuhryn Dumas and also

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One On One With Anthony

Exclusive One On One Interview With The Legendary Gay Blogger And Podcaster | Ronald Matters!




When I first started blogging over a decade ago (around 2010-2011) I came across the legendary gay blogger who was on top of the blogging game, Mr. Ronald Matters. His blog was EVERYTHING to me. I admired his openness and his topics of choice on his blog. At the time I was running porn blogs (don’t judge me) so I didn’t look at him as a competitor but in fact, an inspiration for me to start my very own black gay blog.

I remember him being the first and only black gay blogger who gave me solid advice years ago and even to this day he has remained genuine.

If you never been on then you must be reading all the wrong gay blogs. He’s an award-winning LGBT blogger, podcaster and a truly iconic figure in the black gay blogging community! There’s not too many of us out here doing the damn thing but he’s one of the names you should know!

Let me list off several of his accomplishments! 

On April 1, 2010, became the way he could share his opinion on things that ‘mattered’ to him with friends. Now, thanks to the coined phrase “Have you been to today?,” the site has become a phenomenon for sharing celebrity gossip, hot men, music, movies, and select LGBT news with the world.

In the early days (before same-sex marriage was legal) pictures of Black, gay couples were really popular on his site.

He received two cease and desist letters from Real Housewives of Atlanta. One time I had to publish a retraction as part of a settlement.

He received a community award nomination for his blog.

One of his VERY problematic posts is when he shared a study deeming people who work in HIV “incompetent” and the President/Founder of Black AIDS Institute joined in the conversation

Rihanna shared his tweet (even though the guy lost his job.)

This man has been afforded opportunities to travel and speak on panels, cover social media for the CDC, and started the podcast as the next step in media while advocating for Black, gay men.

This is one of the LEGENDARY bloggers in the LGBTQA+ community and he deserves nothing but our love and support!


How are you today? I’m so excited to finally have this moment with you. I love (you already know this…). 

ronaldmatter: I love your site too, making your own mark on the world.

Thank you so much! Tell us, what made you decide to create

ronaldmatter: I was studying Journalism with a concentration in print while knowing online was the next big thing. So, I taught myself Photoshop during summer break and looked into blogging. I was already digital journaling through so just adjusting the format to telling other people’s business instead of mine, seemed natural. I ended up quitting college but wanted to continue my studies. I knew I had to talk about things that matter to me to stay interested; so, the internet personality Ronald Matters and the tagline “things that matter to me” was born.

In Case If You Missed It!  Exclusive One On One Interview With The Legendary Gay Blogger And Podcaster | Ronald Matters!

 That’s amazing, so in a way, you dropped out of school because you had a dream of taking your blog to the next level? What made you confident in the whole blogging world to make such a major decision to focus on writing online?

ronaldmatter: [Ha!] I wish. I dropped out of college because we didn’t stay in the dorms during summer seasons and I had bills! I got a good job and was too proud of it to quit to go back to school. They always told us a bachelor’s degree will get you $21k annually. The job I took with no degree… I made more than that.

Oh, that’s amazing… You started during college, so what made you decide to speak on black gay topics and issues within our community? Because back then the popular topics were solely celebrity gossip.

ronaldmatter: I knew I had to talk about things that matter to me to stay interested; so, the internet personality Ronald Matters and the tagline “things that matter to me” was born.

I was a columnist for our high school newspaper so I was already used to running my mouth about things I found interesting. I was the high school yearbook editor as well. Going to events and writing wrap-ups has just always been my thing. Now, I go to gay pride events, conferences, review tv shows and music doing the exact same thing.

I never got to write for my college newspaper though. Every year I would apply but never made the final round in interviews.

What advice would you give black gay authors and bloggers who may want to start their own blog?

ronaldmatter: Do it! Your design may not be where you feel it should be. You might not cite your sources all quote-unquote professional. You might even make up a few barriers nobody notices. But, that allows your audience space to grow with you. Don’t deny them of that!

Do you think it’s easier now with social media for new bloggers to get on compared to maybe 10 years ago?

ronaldmatter: I think every industry is worse thanks to social media. Everybody thinks they’re a model, journalist, even credit repair attorneys! So, as you mentioned earlier, confidence will take you a long way. If you going to be an author sell it to me, baby! Develop your elevator pitch and sell it anywhere somebody will listen.

If you could be doing anything outside of and your iconic podcast HereForIt, what would your career choice or life purpose be and why?

ronaldmatter: My life’s purpose is service. Although the pay is trash I love to see people who work in non-profit companies. HIV/AIDS advocacy, raising Alzheimer’s awareness, afterschool programs that help the chirren with their homework, cancer research – I could do any of those things.

That’s pretty amazing. I love the podcast HereForIt which featuring your incredible co-host @TheeSupaman. How did you guys come together to create the podcast series?

ronaldmatter: January 2017, I was thinking ‘new year, new me’ and new things for Ronald Matters. I told TheeSupaman that since we talk on the phone, hang out, and talk about these things anyway, we might as well start a podcast. Then, within the next month or so we were out at dinner being loud and somebody leaned over and said how funny we were. That finalized it for me! We were going to do a podcast!

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It’s crazy how that lined up so perfectly for you guys. What has been the craziest episode of the podcast thus far for you? One that you would say hands down is the BEST of the BEST episodes thus far?

ronaldmatter: That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child! But honestly, the first episode is my favorite. Whenever I have a hard time getting motivated I listen back to how my close friend and I said ‘Bitch we finna do this!’ and actually did it. I still have the grocery store receipt we used to create the original outline for the show. It means a lot to me. I should get it framed!

We need your podcast for many reasons. I feel like blogging is one thing but a podcast is completely  NEXT LEVEL. It’s something powerful and magical about the emotions in spoken words that sometimes can’t be delivered on a blog. What’s one topic you feel like you both are completely against doing on the show?

ronaldmatter: We find it difficult to give terrorists – domestic and foreign – on our show. Tomi Lahren, Khia, Ed Buck… we try to report the news and move on as fast as possible. But, we can’t be blind to what they are doing or we’ll end up looking as awful as Fox News conservatives living in their bubble.

FACTS! Have you guys thought about filming the podcast series on camera so we can see y’all reactions during the show? I think that would be also major for you guys as well.

ronaldmatter: We’ve done bonus videos for our #HereForItHive that donate to support our growth. We also did an Instagram Live this month since we skipped a week due to Labor Day travel and Hurricane Dorian. We want to do more video content through our podcast channel. On both of our separate YouTube channels, we’ve done a few videos, too. Videos are coming!

What are your goals for the next 5 years with and where do you plan to take your brand soon?

ronaldmatter: I’m so glad I got to experience YBGLI twice through my work (The Young Black Gay Leadership Initiative). I got to work with the Center for Disease Control taking over their social media, and the Here For It was blessed to make Podcasts In Color’s Top 100 Podcasts twice! I want more of that. A few opportunities to be on the ground with leaders in the community and being honored for my commitment to advocacy surrounding all things Black and gay.

I’m always really surprised to see websites feature us as the one or two gay podcasts on their list and say we’re raunchy. I wanna scream to them that this is my everyday life!

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Also, shout out to Rihanna for sharing my blog. That paramedic guy I posted jammin’ to her song in his ambulance got fired. But, she loved it.

Can more celebrities share openly gay podcasts? Or, is that not a thing?

Tell us how it feels for you to have your podcast in the top 100 list of podcasts, twice? That’s such an accomplishment. Plus a retweet by RIHANNA !!! That is MAJOR!

ronaldmatter: I was nervous AF, seriously. TheeSupaman is from Detroit and I’m from Memphis. We just run our mouths for fun and people listen? I can’t lie, we’re a lil’ cocky about it but genuinely honored.

Yes, Patrik-Ian Polk used to share all my Black Gay Love posts before gay marriage was legal nationwide. And, for the guy who created Noah’s Arc and The Skinny to be reading my blog … I near bout fainted every time he would repost my links.

My bussy doesn’t cream, and anybody who does needs to talk to their doctor. But, I do get wet LOL when I see the big names in my notifications. Milan Christopher loves to drag me. I love that my tweets make it to his eyeballs.

Dragged you? Wait, Milian Christopher from love and hip hop dragged you? Why? 🙁

ronaldmatter: When he was on Love & Hip Hop and I would live-tweet using the show’s [hashtag] I would get a response now and then about being a low life judging his life from behind a keyboard. But [umm…] ain’t that what he signed up for? He hosted something at DC Pride one year and sounded articulate discussing his volunteering in LA. I wish his community work was the first thing people thought of when mentioning his name. But, if the shenanigans being you more press that only helps you help the people you’re working to build a better life for.

I would love to see you guys make up for the community! Do you think it’s possible you could have Milan on the podcast?

ronaldmatter: I’d love it! Maybe when the podcast does video content regularly bring you more press.

Yes, I think the two of you could talk it out. Are there any black gay social media influencers you would love to interview on the podcast in the future?

Earlier, today I was watching Jay Nedaj. His ‘Let It Go’ remix was Frozen is a hoot. I loved Norman Freeman’s recent video with that porn guy. Lynn Spirit, TaeDaTea… all the social media influencers! We out here showing out!

 OMG Norman!!! I was just watching his videos as well last night. Lynn Spirit, TaeDaTea amazing choices as well! I’m here for it! 😉 

Right? RIGHT!!!!

Make sure you guys support also tune into his podcast HereForItPod featuring his amazing co-host @TheeSupaman Follow him on Twitter and Youtube




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