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Exclusive Interview With Christopher Rules From SlayTv’s Web-Series Reality Check!




If you haven’t seen the newest web-series on SlayTv’s YouTube channel “Reality Check” Than you are missing out! If you’ve been waiting for a Black Gay comedy web-sitcom, then this is the show for you! I would advise that you binge watch the last six episodes TONIGHT! You can also Subscribe to SlayTv’s VHX channel for full episodes and some interesting behind-the-scenes clips.

Christopher Rules is going places, and this is just the beginning of his blossoming career. He also revealed that a breakup inspired him to come up with the story behind Reality Check, which turned into a scripted series that has won the hearts of many Gay men of color. The show is a raw, honest comedy series with a very realistic approach to everyday situations within the Gay community we all can relate to in more ways than one.

After the first episode, I watched every single episode released so far. I think I’ve seen the current episodes a few times this week back to back. If Christopher Rules and Issa Rae were to connect and work together, I could only imagine the content we’ll be able to watch in the future.

I love the show, and I can’t wait to see what Christopher Rules has in his bag for us next. Check out my exclusive interview with the sensational writer and creator behind the hit series down below! Also, make sure you guys follow him to keep up with his buzzing career and the next episodes of Reality Check.

Christopher Rules, you are innovative! When I saw a preview clip of your sensational web-series [Reality Check] I immediately had to make sure I got this exclusive interview with you. First, I want you to introduce yourself to the readers. Tell us a little-bit about yourself. 

[Woah] I really appreciate that! Honestly, I’m just a Black boy from Flint, MI trying to reach for the stars. I’d describe myself as an ambitious, sometimes awkward, laid-back guy, who is constantly challenging himself to be his best.

You have worked and written for MTV, VH1, Complex Magazine, and countless more publications. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

It all started with a program at my alma mater, Michigan State University, that allowed students to spend a month taking classes in New York City. However, I made it up in my mind that I’d spend the entire summer in New York, intending to land an internship. So, I bought a one-way flight and applied to as many internships as possible before the program began. I eventually landed one at Complex Magazine, which was the beginning of it all for me. I was able to then use the many connections I made that summer to lead me to where I am now.

Growing up, did you ever dream of becoming an actor and filmmaker?

Honestly, I’ve never dreamt of becoming a filmmaker, but I’ve always loved acting and performance art. Secretly, I’ve always had a plan that I would go to school, get a degree, land a job (that I wouldn’t hate) to pay my bills, while I pursued my real dream of becoming a performing artist. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before, [haha].

How important is it for you [as a Gay man of color] to represent our community in your art form?

I realize that it’s more important than I originally thought. I knew that I wanted to tell my story, but I’m coming to find out that through doing that, I’m speaking for those in the community that doesn’t feel represented. I think my experience looks a lot different from the images we see of Queer Black Men in mainstream media, but also similar in ways too. Everyone’s perspective is important.

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Reality Check is an amazing show relatable to so many Gay men of color. I have seen comments online, and a lot of the viewers loving this show. Most artists create from their own experiences in life. How much of your character on the show reflects your personal life as a Gay man of color? Also, what made you go in that direction when presenting your storyline in this series? 

Ha, well honestly every single episode is pretty much true to life with a few exaggerations. My goal was to let the sheer madness I’ve experienced in New York City be the backdrop to these stories, so each episode displays what those moments felt like. Many of these situations were so outlandish that it seemed as if it couldn’t be real, so I also wanted to play with the idea of my character transitioning back and forth between his imagination and reality.

How did you come up with the storyline for Reality Check?

It all started from a breakup. I needed a therapeutic release, so I wrote the experience down in my journal. After reading the entry, I was like “This is WILD! Maybe I can turn this into a script?” I never wrote a script before, but I just wanted to take a stab it, and it pretty much wrote itself, since I was using a real experience. After that, I started writing more scripts based on some other annoying situations, such as my roommate at the time. I started to realize the series had a theme where each episode represented a key pillar of the New York experience (relationships, career, tough living situations), so I stuck with it.

Issa Rae is top of her game right now. I noticed many people were making comparisons between the two of you. How does it feel to be compared to such a talented Black woman who started indie and now creating an empire of her own?

I couldn’t ask for a better comparison at this stage! Issa Rae is truly the mold for self-creators trying to breakthrough in the industry. She’s broken barriers by telling everyday stories of present-day Black women and has inspired many others to tell their stories. I just hope people don’t think I’m trying to mimic her or recreate something she’s already done. I started scripting Reality Check back in 2015, a year before Insecure premiered, but when I saw the first episode of that series it really gave me hope that I could do this.

How do you feel when reading the positive and sometimes negative comments as a content creator? 

[Hmm] great question! I had to get the series to a place that I was comfortable with first. It took a LONG time for me to be okay with putting the series out (shout out to my editor, Will, who dealt with my CONSTANT notes). I have to keep reminding myself that this is the first time that I’ve ever done this. Not to mention while on set I couldn’t just focus on acting. I also had to make sure we had catering, that the actors were showing up, the camera setup was good, etc. So when I see negative comments, I probably already thought those things myself, but I’ll know for the next time what to make better. Also, the positive ones are additional validation that it was all worth it.

Who has influenced you as a filmmaker and also as an actor?

Of course, Issa Rae. My friend Tannis Spencer, who makes her own short films and inspired me to use film as the medium to tell my own stories. Michael B. Jordan for not allowing the industry to typecast him. There are so many, but a wild card would be the Broad City girls. Love them!

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How do you feel about the heavy wave of [soft porn] Black Gay web-series out right now? Do you feel like it’s a huge disadvantage for the community for us getting more deals and onto the big and small screen with LGBTQ films and shows?

I think it’s up to the creators to tell stories how they want to tell them. However, I think it’s a very limited view of the Queer experience. In my opinion, series like that are less focused on telling real stories and more focused on sensationalizing the sexual aspect of being Gay, which… does get views, but maybe not for the right reasons. We see sexual situations in TV and movies all the time, but I think it becomes a problem when it becomes your main tactic to get people to watch. Let’s show that we’re not only sexual beings. We’re living regular lives just like everyone else.

Coming into your career as a filmmaker and creator overall, what would you consider being your biggest challenge? Also, also how did you overcome obstacles as a new creative artist?

My biggest challenge is myself. I get in my own way all the time, by being wrapped up in my thoughts or not prioritizing the things I need to do to get better. Once I started to take time to meditate, writing out lists of things I wanted to accomplish, and visualizing my goals, it became easier to overcome the battles I have with myself.

You’re well established in the entertainment community [you have a better understanding of how the industry works.] What are some of your words of wisdom or even pieces of advice you would give other up-and-coming Black Gay writers and filmmakers?

Foremost, be authentic to yourself and don’t try to impress others by trying to be someone you think people will accept (even within the Gay community). Use that authenticity to tell stories that are true to you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or strangers throughout the process. I used Craigslist to build my film crew, and once friends/colleagues saw that I was really serious about this, they wanted to help. Finally, set aside money to fund your dreams. Secretly, I used my tax refund check to make this happen, [haha].

SlayTV is the next big-time company and brand to put Black Gay men and our stories on the map for the world. How did you come about working with the incredible brand and media company?

My friend Lamont has a podcast on SlayTV called Hella Single, and I loved how the platform was supporting Queer people of color. I thought my project would be a great fit for the channel, so I asked Lamont to connect me. They loved the series and wanted to put it on their platform. The rest was history.

If you could list other Black Gay web-series you are obsessed with share with us the shows you would consider worthy of binge-watching?

Oddly enough, I haven’t watched many web series lately. However, one of the first Black Gay series that I really liked was called FREEFALL.

Where do you see yourself in your career ten years from now?

I hope that I’d be able to work for myself. To be able to build a brand that would allow me to monetize my many areas of interest. While doing that, I’d love to help others along the way who want to do the same. A weekly series on a major network would be pretty dope too, haha!

What projects are you working on that we can expect to see next from you?

Right now, I’m in the planning stages of the second season of Reality Check. More on that soon! I’m also trying to find photographers, who want to help me out with some new shoot ideas. I need some new headshots, [haha]!

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If you could change anything about filmmaking and production of most online Black Gay web-series. What would some things you would want to see changed and why?

I think the low-fi approach to web-series is what makes them special. However, to improve them, I’d recommend investing in a film crew who has a great camera and sound equipment. It can make a really big difference. The wardrobe was also important to make my characters pop on screen, so also make sure color and aesthetics are taken into account.

How do you overcome your writer’s block? What helps you shake off that rough patch when writing your show scripts or even treatment for the filming of your projects?

Most times, I just have to stop thinking so much and start typing out ideas no matter how trash I think they are. Usually, something cool comes out of it that I like, which then gives me a little motivation to craft something around it.

The movie Moonlight and recent hit series on FX [Pose] changed history for Black LGBTQ filmmakers. What do you think, it will take for us as a community to break down those walls of only having minor achievements but overall success for more Black LGBTQ creators?

Keep telling stories that are authentic. Stories that show that our sexuality isn’t the only thing that defines us, but that we’re human and go through things everyone else goes through and more.

If you had a choice between being an indie filmmaker or a big-time showrunner on a networking channel. Which one would you choose and why? Remember, being independent gives you more creative control over your work and being under a major company has setbacks and restrictions.

It just depends. I’ll say being an indie filmmaker until a big-time network offers me the opportunity to be a showrunner and actor. I just want experiences that allow me to grow in both filmmaking and performing arts while telling stories that can change perspectives about people like us.

What has been your biggest mistake as a filmmaker? Also, if you could go back and change anything what would you change and why?

Maybe not realizing that making this project would make me a filmmaker and the responsibilities that come with the title. It’s important for me now educate myself about the LGBTQ community, film, politics, etc. so that I can be a voice that helps others who feel like they don’t fit in.

What inspired you to be the leading actor in your very own web-series? I would think most filmmakers that would be the most complicated task ever.

I’ve always wanted to act in a film, and I thought this could be a great vehicle for me to do that. It was like I created a job for myself.

Describe your future dream role, what film genre would it be in and what would the movie be about?

I love horror/suspense films and television, so I think it would be hella fun to play a character in that world. My dream role would be an emo superhero with crazy superpowers, [haha]. I know that’s hella specific.

What are some of your social media accounts for the readers to keep up with your and future projects?

Personal Handles:

Instagram: @christopherrules

Twitter: @chrisrules_

Series Handles:

Instagram: @realitycheckseries

Twitter: @realitycheckweb

Thank you!





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He’s Not Your Man! He’s Everybody’s Man Including Your Ex’s!




I can’t stand when people wanna flash and flaunt their relationships when everybody knows the guy ain’t shit.

I’m not talking about the real authentic couples, I’m speaking about the couples who always in some mess.

If you know every and anybody has been with your man, then that’s not your man.

I’m sorry to put it to you like that… unfortunately, too many people claiming ownership over men who ain’t even theirs half the time.

You can’t be on and off with somebody and expect to be the only one he’s laying with or seeing period.

I know it sounds raw, but that’s the truth.

Most couples who are breaking up only to make up just for you to end up getting played out is silly to me.

For me, if we on and off then we not solving anything by staying together.

And more than likely you dipping your dack in somebody else.

I have a hard time believing somebody in a on and off relationship ain’t sliding through somebody else’s bedroom or front door.

These Gays out here trying to hang on, keep around or shelter a man.

If he’s not happy then let him go.

You can’t sit around thinking that you get special treatment that millions of other Gays don’t get.

Forcing something that isn’t there becomes problematic no matter how you try to pretend that shit is fine, when we all know it’s not.

They going to continue to do you wrong while you try to relive a memory that is no longer here for you to relive. Some things are better left done then trying to redo and recreate.

You know he’s not faithful and everyone around you knows this, so why you still lying to yourself?

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Why can’t you see that the man you got ain’t your man sus?

That man belongs to everybody! He’s not trying to be limited to just you.

Is what you should say to him every time he up in your face smiling and trying to sling that dack your way.

Some of these men fight and argue just so they can leave and do their dirt.

You still haven’t caught on yet, sus?

Some of you will stay with a man that ain’t good just to say you got a man. You’ll allow him to damn near do anything and everything foul to you, while you do nothing about it.

That mentality of having half of a man is toxic for many of you.

Instead of moving on and finding better you rather stay and “work it out” when there’s nothing left to work on.

Sometimes the work is done and over and you both still can’t walk away and move on. It’s all about growth and if a person isn’t growing with you, then you stuck with a dud.



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Fellas: Do A Fact Check On These Men!




After my recent failed attempts with dating within the last year, I have started fact checking shit more than ever before…


We about to dive deep!

So let’s get deeper!

I mean, I’m the type to investigate that ass to the fullest!

I wanna know everything about you even the shit you don’t want me to know.

Too many guys out here are playing games especially online.

They will tell you any and everything and leave out the fact that none of it is factual.

Some shit these men say is pure bullshit and will have you questioning yourself.

Some of Y’all are quick to believe everything these men tell you. 

I had a guy lie to me about his entire life!!!

I’ve had guys lie about their status to their past dating history.

I’ve had men lie about having a job only to find out they were street hustling and escorting for TINA and Molly… 

What’s even worse is the fact I had an ex lie about having a baby on me!

I think another [ex] who lied about being in the hospital with food poison when he was really laid up in somebody else’s bed tops them all for me!

But a lie is a lie and a liar ain’t never ashamed to mislead anyone.

Some of these men (I take that back) most of these guys are professional liars.

They have been lying since day one!

They were conditioned to lie about their sexuality and even worse when it comes to their daily lives everything just filled with lies and fairytales.

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To add to the list of lies: They lie about their sexual position, their intentions and even their dack size!

There’s no telling what’s about to come out of a man’s mouth when he speaks to you. Especially when he’s been a liar all his life, that’s all he knows.

Fact check is important!

I like investigating and doing my little investigation on these men.

I check social media accounts even going as far to check in with your mammy and ex!

You gotta get a full ass report on these men out here otherwise they will straight up use you dry and drain you out.

We can’t sit back and trust everything a man tells us especially not off no dating app. If you meeting guys online, take every and anything they say with a grain of salt!

Everything he says can’t be all true even the most honest guys keeping something from you.

Some may say actions speak louder than words but even in this day and age people can show you one thing but mean something else. You can believe you in a whole ass relationship and really find yourself being played!

Trust all things know while believing nothing you hear without the PROOF!




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Y’all Be Giving Off Bottom Teas But Will Top Em All Down!




Looks are deceiving so never get caught up on what looks a certain way because behind a closed door they may surprise you.

I love pretty boys who can give you that feminine energy while being able to buss down booty with no fucks to give.

Yeah, I said it. I like a “feminine” sexy guy who can put on that bottom look that so many of you criticize and he can slang the dack good.

Y’all be sleeping in the good dack because Ya’ll be chasing “masculine” or “straight-acting” ass men. Meanwhile, the ones who got the best dack be the queen’s Ya’ll always shading down!

For me, if it comes down to getting the dack, I want me a man who can handle the ass. I don’t care for a man I can just stare at and show off as a trophy.

Y’all really out here sleeping on some good ass wood. Trust me!

I remember like yesterday when I let my first “bottom” topped me!

Meanwhile Ya’ll with these tops who can’t even keep it up…

Whatever works for you but for me, I’m open minded and the more I explore my options the better my encounters get! Don’t believe me? Try something you’ve never tried and tell me it ain’t good after you experience it on more than one occasion.

I don’t care to hear about lesbian sex or you ain’t letting them climb your back. When a man got good dack, he got good dack! Get out of the looks department and peep out his stroke game!



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