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  2. I added some new features to the site which I was going to wait out before adding until the site was populated. But I want you guys to be able to have these things available as soon as you join the site. There are 3 major addons to the site: Blogs, Clubs, and Chat Rooms. These are completely customizable for all members. This means you can create your very own blogs, clubs, and chat rooms. So multiple selections are available for all members. You can create various blogs and clubs based on different categories. If you have any questions or even need help getting started you c
  3. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that you can't love nobody until you love yourself! AND THAT'S ON PERIOD... 

  4. I've had this dilemma where I was seeing a guy and one of his friends low key tried to consistently hook up with me on the low. It was awkward because it was still a new situation I was having with the guy, and this was his best friend like somebody he had known the majority of his life. I was afraid I would lose him due to his messy-ass friend. In a way, I felt guilty cause I knew what his friend was doing but I remained quiet. I have a huge problem with gays who try to sleep with their friend's dates or boyfriends. It bothers me cause I don't understand why some gay men can'
  5. How comfortable are you guys with sharing your relationship online? Even if you're just dating this person??? Me personally, I learned the hard way and this may not be anybody else's experience. But I shared a photo of me and a guy I was seeing online. We were posted up and booed up and I had to share my blossoming love for him online. Everything was GREAT up until I decided to post that picture.... It opened up the floodgates for BULLSHIT, DRAMA and complete NONSENSE. I had several guys hit me up claiming to have been seeing him or dating him as well. HORRIBLE
  6. So many guys I know speak about their freaky ass sexual encounters in public and I'm always left feeling dumb founded... For one, I never had sex with a complete stranger in public, and I probably would be considered too conservative to do such a thing. But I have nothing against those who do. In fact, do what makes you happy boo. But I could only imagine how fast one's adrenaline must be going while that rush takes over them. But that CLIMAX has to be mind blowing! DON'T JUDGE ME... I've had my moments online when my curiosity got the best of me and I searched
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJhDMK7Hcn1/ Damn this is the ideal way of having somebody's son prospal to me but these men be on that BULLSHIT... Congrats to the couple tho. They seem to be beyond the hills happy and MADLY IN LOVE! #relationshipgoals #claimyoman!
  8. I have no problem with having sex on the first date BUT if it happens I will probably look at him in a different way. I like my tops who can hold themselves and value themselves more than the average ones so when I’m with one I can feel that I have caught something rare or something hard to find. don't have a problem with getting the dick pics though.
  9. Calling all gay folk!!!! Queer people of color! It doesn't matter if you are a bottom, top, or confused ass verse! Bring yo ass in here! This is a love letter to all gays who got this thing we call dating and love fucked up! Signed sincerely, Your good conscience. Listen, We need to make something clear and I think I've addressed this many times before, but this time I want to clarify shit! Getting fucked down does not and will not guarantee you love and good chemistry! You can get the best dick from the most honorable type of man, but it will
  10. Last night I was having a random discussion with a guy on Jack'd. He was telling me how the guys that wanted to date him; he slept with and they ghosted him. Meanwhile, he was chasing after the fuck boys who weren’t trying to offer him anything serious and how they just wasted his time. This is not my first time having this type of conversation with guys I recall having this very conversation a few months back with another guy about his struggles with dating. He emailed me asking for dating advice after reading my articles. So I decided to share my two cents and pr
  11. I can’t stand it when a guy tells me, “no expectations, no disappointments.” The first thing that pops up in my mind is him fucking me and then ghosting me the next day. From my experience, guys who have no expectations have no plans on taking things further than just talking or sexing. Most guys who say this use this same line with every guy they meet. It's almost a short-cut and an excuse to snuggle up and then leave. While I know some guys are just scared of being disappointed. Most of these men know exactly what they are doing
  12. Looks can be deceiving and I had many of you fooled! First, let’s speak about the fact that judging a person based on their looks is immature as fuck. Second, I can look like a whole ass bottom and still put in more work than most tops you’ve ever had in your entire bottoming career. Let’s just call it what it is... Judgment within the gay community is very toxic and I mean TOXIC from these loose walls ass bottoms to these funky hung dick tops. We have many people making fucking assumptions out of their asses. You judge the book by its cover before you even fli
  13. I had to learn the hard way and I'm sure many of you have experienced this as well. Stop giving these men second chances when they didn't even deserve the first one! Sometimes it's best to see what is worth keeping around and also what doesn't serve a purpose in your life. You may need to make this mistake a couple of times over and over to finally see it, embrace it, and eventually accept it. When we allow people to mistreat us and disrespect us, We only give them the power that we lack within ourselves. They become in control of our emotions, decisions, and the
  14. Let me compose myself before going DEEP IN SOME FOLKS ASS (NO LUBE) WITH THIS POST! I said it before and I’m going to say it again. These “non-urban” porn studios are always capitalizing off of us, while using stereotypically tired bullshit ass story-lines and racial stereotypes in their videos and creating stigmatized content. Some of these companies hire men of color only to represent common stereotypes within the black community that is often viewed as degrading, shameful, and tactless. The issue is the fact that their main “customers” only support these sites be
  15. I think we’ve all experienced online dating at least once by now. Who hasn’t been on Jack’d, Grindr, or any of the other Gay apps? It’s obvious for most of us what to expect from these apps. Usually, we already know what most guys are looking for from the initial message. You may come across a few guys who are seeking a genuine friendship or something more serious. Other than that, They just want to fuck and screw anything in their DMs. Just know everybody has their own intentions and purpose on these apps. Some good others are not in your best interest at all.
  16. I didn't want to write some corny ass "how-to" article about dating older men and the benefits of it. I wanted to have you guys see all sides of having a true zaddy experience. I feel like dating older men comes with some challenges but there are a lot more benefits and perks. Some things you may already be ready for that you couldn't find in other men in your age group or younger. I will say you will be lucky while dating an older man. Even if the relationship doesn't work out you'll still be able to hold onto it as a treasured piece with some wisdom and good experiences
  17. I think we all deserve the right to prefer the race of men we date, love, or even lust after. I support interracial dating; I have relatives who happened to come from interracial relationships. I could never dislike, disrespect, disregard interracial couples. I will say, my preference for men just happens to be a man of my own race. I LOVE ME A BLACK MAN!!!! Would I dislike, reject another man from another race? No. BUT BOY OH BOY, I LOVE ME A BLACK MAN!!! I would consider myself open-minded and interested in dating anybody (if I was looking) tha
  18. Fellas we need to have a deep discussion. Some of you are not going to like this post but I’m going to write it anyway. Listen… His rejection is very well your blessing. Whether if you feel like it’s in a disguise or blatant. Not having that dream guy in your life could have saved you from dealing with a potential nightmare further down the road. We have to understand that being rejected is for our own good. It’s an injection for your own protection. Be thankful. Be happy. Congrats you just avoided a whole fuckboy. Now I understand pride a
  19. Anybody who says that two bottoms can’t fall in love is a damn lie and the truth ain’t in them. I know I know I KNOW... That SEX is the prime focus for many of you. I Get it. We all need a good piece of dick and ass every now and then But, does sex equal up to a good relationship? See the problem is people are more focused on sex more than creating and building a bond, a friendship, a commitment. Some people connect off of lust just as others connect off of chemistry. Can we
  20. In 2020 the stigma on HIV should not be the same as it was 10+ years ago. Today with enough information and online education regarding HIV should limit the ignorance and judgment of HIV-positive men. In my honest opinion, it seems like nowadays people are more open to dating HIV-positive men than ever before. But I shouldn’t have to mention that for the simple fact that the stigma is highly overrated. But speaking of HIV-positive men, I feel like these men are so slept on. The lack of support these men get is absurd to me. And the health reads that still exist need t
  21. Have you ever found yourself falling more in love with the idea of having a man than actually having one??? I mean completely investing your whole soul into finding a man only to find yourself still feeling incomplete? BE HONEST. DON'T FUCKING LIE! If you’re reading this and feel like I’m talking to you, well, We often crave for something when we lack other things within ourselves. In this case, it’s a man. Whether it’s for the touch, the companionship, or even just having the title of being bae. Falling more in love with the idea of having a man than
  22. We often feel like we have to put on a mask for the world and pretend like everything is okay. But the truth is some days are better than others. But who are we lying to when we go into the world acting one way when we really feel down and out or even more horrible inside. We only lie to ourselves. We only make ourselves believe the lies we put out. Nobody has the power to make you happy but you. Nobody can fix your troubles but you. We often feel comfortable in our struggles because it’s what we’re used to. Sometimes pain, misery, or doubt become comf
  23. I am not a label. I do not represent one kind of homosexual. I do not fit the description or categories aligned for most gay men. I am outside of the box, never in. I like to consider myself in-between because I am masculine and feminine. Duality I have created my very own lane and I stay in it. Far away from the standardized ways of the gay community. I choose to be different. I am different. UNIQUELY imperfect. We are often forced to take on a label in the LGBTQA+ community. Our peers quickly direct us to be one way or another.
  24. The biggest struggle for most gay men is knowing that somebody is just not that into them. We get offended over rejection fast and in fact, I can understand why. But when it comes to having a reality check we have to be real with ourselves. Some guys are just not that into us. It’s okay. It’s alright. You will be just fine! But we have to accept the tough reality because it seems like a lot of people hate the truth. Stop begging for a man’s attention and just do you. It’s okay to not be somebody’s type. It’s okay for a guy to lose interest. Men
  25. It’s 2021 and we are still having this discussion about down-low men? Unfortunately, there are still many women of color who are not only infected with HIV from dealing with DL men but are blinded to these men’s true identities. While we can claim some of these men of being closeted gays. The reality is some of these men genuinely have an interest in both genders. The problem with that is the fact they often feel forced to hide their truth because of the stigmas that come with being on the down-low. This is the very reason why I can not shame, judge, or ridicule these men.
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