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Dear White Gay Men, We Are Not Your Thug Fetish!




A pet peeve of mine is when a Caucasian Gay man thinks he can approach me to be my “sex slave.”

Yes, you read that right!

I find it so distasteful and downright ignorant, and I view it as them seeing me as a racial stereotype. When you make ignorant assumptions based on the Color of my skin and assume I’ll play a “Thug” role in the bedroom, then we have a problem.

I am not a Thug, and I would never carry myself that way for your amusement or sexual perk. I would never degrade myself for you, him, or the guy with the sexy body that only desires me as a sexual fetish.

I blame these porn companies for this bullshit. Now, we have sites like Thug Hunter and Gay Patrol serving up racist, pornographic dialogue and content to thousands of their loyal customers.

I don’t care how big of a check these companies cash out. There is no amount of money in the world that would allow me to tolerate that level of disrespect as a performer.

How dare you sell out for a cheap ass happy meal and a 50 fucking dollar cheque? Is the money worth your image and self-respect? What about your self-esteem? Shit, are you even able to look at yourself after doing some of these scenes?

How can you look your parents and grandparents in the face after knowing you allowed a White man on film to call you a Black fucking nigger? How can you let a man identify you as nothing more than a negro sucking his genitals? Is that cheap spot in the hall of shame for coins’ worth it?

The video comments on MyVidster are complete race war bait. They post these videos, with these misleading titles to start fights in the comments between White and Black Gay men. We shouldn’t have to argue or state the obvious about these videos. They represent racism in plain sight. What bothers me is that some of these people have the nerve to defend the content and the providers who offer their services filled with racism. It doesn’t matter if it is role-playing or not. They wouldn’t treat a damn dog that way. Why is it okay to see these men of color treated like that in these interracial scenes?

This is nothing more than modern-day slavery depicted in porn. You have White officers threatening to “shoot his Black ass down and PISS ON HIM?” Who’s writing the scripts over there at these Gay porn studios? The damn fool sat there and allowed for those men to call him all types of Black fucks and all this other nonsense.

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I’m not speaking about all interracial porn companies. I am speaking about these “THUG” fetish companies (Which seems to be owned by the same individual with two different titled sites.)

I’m not impressed at all, and in fact, I’m so disgusted that I can’t even blame the performers in these videos. If any of those men of color had any fucking pride, they wouldn’t allow anybody in that scene to disrespect them. Not for some cheap change while these people make a fortune off of them.

I don’t care if someone paid them millions of dollars or cheap ass chunk of 200 a pop. My question to them would be, is it worth it for you to spit in the faces of your ancestors? That you would allow a man of any race to speak to you like you wasn’t even shit, to begin with. That fucks me up inside.

Then you allowed him to do it for a damn porno that will forever be on the internet.

They will FOREVER take that L, and that isn’t some shit you can wash off like that cum off your face. The L is permanent, and I hope their relatives found out about these videos. I want people to hear how you allowed a scripted moron to call him a nigger and Black fuck as they devalue him as a person.


The moment, I saw that Caucasian play a police officer and call that stupid ass man of color a “Black ass nigger” on camera, I knew the people behind the scenes wasn’t shit either.

They’re only seeking ratings and money and even if they allowed that Black man to make an ass of himself on camera they gave no fucks. That scene made me want to regurgitate. Shit, all of these signs make me want to puke out of disgust. I have never seen something as degrading and disrespectful until I came across some of these scenes.

These money making machines sit back and make millions off of our images, likeness, and performance on camera. Yes, there are THUGS within the African-American community. Why can’t they display Caucasian stereotypes on film? You don’t see those stereotypes in this stupid ass porn flicks why is that? Well, it’s clear why they wouldn’t make a mockery out of their race. You have a Black man in “Blackface” for the entertainment of their loyal customers.

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They sit back and laugh at these cum face stupid fucks. I hope they feel good lowering themselves on camera like that. I hope they eat well after filming those scenes. I hope that little money they make is enough to buy them some self-respect after shooting this shit. It wouldn’t be enough to clear out their damn conscious but then again, do they even have a fucking conscious? They sign up for this shit!

Once again, I have nothing against interracial pornography. I’ve had my share of good times watching them. My issue comes to play when a Black man can sit on camera and allow somebody to degrade him for money. No amount of money should let you take that abuse. I don’t care that shit is not acceptable.

Let’s not sit here and act like racism in porn does not exist. What also bothers me is the fact these customers of this shit feels like it’s okay for them to come at me, the same way. They view Black Gay men as thugs and big dack dummies willing to be degraded on and off camera.

Thanks to these fools over there allowing the verbal abuse and racist venom being thrown at them.

I will never let nobody of any race to disrespect me or call me out of my name during or outside of sex. They may not outright call us the N-word, but calling him a “Black fuck” and say things like “your Black ass” is still in the same way of calling them the N word.

Black on Black porn isn’t any better. These “PAID PLAY-THUGS” do the most… The portrayal of the Black man in porn is downright disgusting. Yeah, it’s a FANTASY but at whose expense? The same stereotypical image used in these porn videos are giving people validation to use it. Why the fuck would I want to be another man’s sex slave master? What type of shit is that?

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No, this post not directed at ALL Gay White men. There are some respectful lovely Caucasian Gay men out there, and I have met many of them. My problem is with those who want to use the stereotypes and also role-playing these racist ass “stereotypes” on film or in private.

I will forever see you as a coon on a porn set working like a slave for peanuts and a few pennies. That’s the sad part that these men don’t even care about their reputation, let alone the shame they bring to their ancestors, all for the mighty dollar.

Disclaimer: I am not bashing Black Gay porn stars, who do interracial porn. This is only for the coons who do these scenes and allow the other performers to degrade them. I REPEAT! This is not an anti-interracial Gay porn post, nor am I bashing BLACK GAY MEN who do INTERRACIAL PORN.


Many of us don’t even consider ourselves “thugs” or also want anybody to view us in that light.

The stereotypes need to end starting with these damn adult companies. Find a new NICHE! Set up a new STORY FUCKING LINE. We are not THUGS, and we all do not CARRY ourselves in that fashion.

I want none parts of that ignorant ass shit. People love Gay interracial porn, and I do as well. There is a difference between interracial porn and downright racist porn. If they want to make a market for racist porn, then that’s on them. Keep that shit from the general viewers online. Some of us do not want to see a Caucasian man calling an African American man many derogatory terms with sperm on his face.

I want to end this post by making this statement. They won’t allow blood, gore, rape, incest on porn which is a good thing, but why allow racism?

UPDATE! I noticed they removed the particular clip I was speaking about. I’m sure if you look up ARMY69 you may come across one of their interracial scenes and overhear him call him many derogatory names. This post has over 10k views, 400 and counting shares so I’m assuming somebody came across this and removed the clips.




I write what I love and share what my little golden heart desires! 👨🏾‍💻 Black Gay Writer, Author, Creative Creator. Future Filmmaker, Television Producer and Mogul In The Making!


He’s Not Your Man! He’s Everybody’s Man Including Your Ex’s!




I can’t stand when people wanna flash and flaunt their relationships when everybody knows the guy ain’t shit.

I’m not talking about the real authentic couples, I’m speaking about the couples who always in some mess.

If you know every and anybody has been with your man, then that’s not your man.

I’m sorry to put it to you like that… unfortunately, too many people claiming ownership over men who ain’t even theirs half the time.

You can’t be on and off with somebody and expect to be the only one he’s laying with or seeing period.

I know it sounds raw, but that’s the truth.

Most couples who are breaking up only to make up just for you to end up getting played out is silly to me.

For me, if we on and off then we not solving anything by staying together.

And more than likely you dipping your dack in somebody else.

I have a hard time believing somebody in a on and off relationship ain’t sliding through somebody else’s bedroom or front door.

These Gays out here trying to hang on, keep around or shelter a man.

If he’s not happy then let him go.

You can’t sit around thinking that you get special treatment that millions of other Gays don’t get.

Forcing something that isn’t there becomes problematic no matter how you try to pretend that shit is fine, when we all know it’s not.

They going to continue to do you wrong while you try to relive a memory that is no longer here for you to relive. Some things are better left done then trying to redo and recreate.

You know he’s not faithful and everyone around you knows this, so why you still lying to yourself?

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Why can’t you see that the man you got ain’t your man sus?

That man belongs to everybody! He’s not trying to be limited to just you.

Is what you should say to him every time he up in your face smiling and trying to sling that dack your way.

Some of these men fight and argue just so they can leave and do their dirt.

You still haven’t caught on yet, sus?

Some of you will stay with a man that ain’t good just to say you got a man. You’ll allow him to damn near do anything and everything foul to you, while you do nothing about it.

That mentality of having half of a man is toxic for many of you.

Instead of moving on and finding better you rather stay and “work it out” when there’s nothing left to work on.

Sometimes the work is done and over and you both still can’t walk away and move on. It’s all about growth and if a person isn’t growing with you, then you stuck with a dud.



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Fellas: Do A Fact Check On These Men!




After my recent failed attempts with dating within the last year, I have started fact checking shit more than ever before…


We about to dive deep!

So let’s get deeper!

I mean, I’m the type to investigate that ass to the fullest!

I wanna know everything about you even the shit you don’t want me to know.

Too many guys out here are playing games especially online.

They will tell you any and everything and leave out the fact that none of it is factual.

Some shit these men say is pure bullshit and will have you questioning yourself.

Some of Y’all are quick to believe everything these men tell you. 

I had a guy lie to me about his entire life!!!

I’ve had guys lie about their status to their past dating history.

I’ve had men lie about having a job only to find out they were street hustling and escorting for TINA and Molly… 

What’s even worse is the fact I had an ex lie about having a baby on me!

I think another [ex] who lied about being in the hospital with food poison when he was really laid up in somebody else’s bed tops them all for me!

But a lie is a lie and a liar ain’t never ashamed to mislead anyone.

Some of these men (I take that back) most of these guys are professional liars.

They have been lying since day one!

They were conditioned to lie about their sexuality and even worse when it comes to their daily lives everything just filled with lies and fairytales.

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To add to the list of lies: They lie about their sexual position, their intentions and even their dack size!

There’s no telling what’s about to come out of a man’s mouth when he speaks to you. Especially when he’s been a liar all his life, that’s all he knows.

Fact check is important!

I like investigating and doing my little investigation on these men.

I check social media accounts even going as far to check in with your mammy and ex!

You gotta get a full ass report on these men out here otherwise they will straight up use you dry and drain you out.

We can’t sit back and trust everything a man tells us especially not off no dating app. If you meeting guys online, take every and anything they say with a grain of salt!

Everything he says can’t be all true even the most honest guys keeping something from you.

Some may say actions speak louder than words but even in this day and age people can show you one thing but mean something else. You can believe you in a whole ass relationship and really find yourself being played!

Trust all things know while believing nothing you hear without the PROOF!




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Y’all Be Giving Off Bottom Teas But Will Top Em All Down!




Looks are deceiving so never get caught up on what looks a certain way because behind a closed door they may surprise you.

I love pretty boys who can give you that feminine energy while being able to buss down booty with no fucks to give.

Yeah, I said it. I like a “feminine” sexy guy who can put on that bottom look that so many of you criticize and he can slang the dack good.

Y’all be sleeping in the good dack because Ya’ll be chasing “masculine” or “straight-acting” ass men. Meanwhile, the ones who got the best dack be the queen’s Ya’ll always shading down!

For me, if it comes down to getting the dack, I want me a man who can handle the ass. I don’t care for a man I can just stare at and show off as a trophy.

Y’all really out here sleeping on some good ass wood. Trust me!

I remember like yesterday when I let my first “bottom” topped me!

Meanwhile Ya’ll with these tops who can’t even keep it up…

Whatever works for you but for me, I’m open minded and the more I explore my options the better my encounters get! Don’t believe me? Try something you’ve never tried and tell me it ain’t good after you experience it on more than one occasion.

I don’t care to hear about lesbian sex or you ain’t letting them climb your back. When a man got good dack, he got good dack! Get out of the looks department and peep out his stroke game!



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