Dear White Gay Men, We Are Not Your Thug Boy Toys! 0 3759

A pet peeve of mine is when a Caucasian Gay man thinks he can approach me to be my “sex slave.”

Yes, you read that right!

I find it so distasteful and downright ignorant, and I view it as them seeing me as a racial stereotype. When you make ignorant assumptions based on the Color of my skin and assume I’ll play a “Thug” role in the bedroom, then we have a problem.

I am not a Thug, and I would never carry myself that way for your amusement or sexual perks. I would never degrade myself for you, him, or the guy with the sexy body that only desires me as a boy toy.

I blame these adult companies for this BS. Now, we have sites like Thug Hunter and Gay Patrol serving up racist, raunchy racial undertone dialogue and content to thousands of their loyal customers and viewers.

I don’t care how big of a check these companies cash out. There is no amount of money in the world that would allow me to tolerate that level of disrespect as a performer.

How dare you sell out for a cheap arse happy meal and a 50 fucking dollar cheque? Is the money worth your image and self-respect? What about your self-esteem? Smh, are you even able to look at yourself after doing some of those scenes?

How can you look your parents and grandparents in the face after knowing you allowed a White man on film to call you a Black  N with the ER? How can you let a man identify you as nothing more than a “knew grow?” Is that cheap spot in the hall of shame for coins’ worth it?

The video comments on MyVidster are complete race-war bait. They post  videos, with misleading titles to start racial tension in the comments between White and Black Gay men.

We shouldn’t have to argue or state the obvious about those videos. They represent racism in plain sight. What bothers me is that a lot of people have the nerve to defend the content and the providers who offer their services filled with racism. It doesn’t matter if it is role-playing or not. They wouldn’t treat a dog that way. Why is it okay to see men of color being mis-treated in interracial scenes?

This is nothing more than modern-day slavery depiction in adult flicks. You have White officers threatening to “shoot his Black arse down and to URINATE ON HIM?” Who in their right mind writes scripts and dialogue at those particular Gay studios? The damn fool sat there and allowed for those men to call him all types of Black FKs and all this other nonsense.

I’m not speaking about all interracial companies. I am speaking about these “THUG” boytoy companies (Which seems to be owned by the same individual with different sites.)

I’m not impressed at all, and in fact, I’m so disgusted that I can’t even blame the performers in the videos. If any of those men of color had any pride, they wouldn’t allow anybody in those scenes to disrespect them. Not for some cheap chump change while the company owners make a fortune off of their scenes.

I don’t care if someone paid them millions or even a cheap arse chunk of 200 a scene. My question to them would be, is it worth it for you to spit in the faces of your ancestors? That you would allow a man of any race to speak to you like you nothing more than a prop and object?

Then you allowed him to do it for a damn video online that will forever be on the internet.

They will FOREVER take that L, and that isn’t some ish you can wash off like that “egg yoke” off your face. The L is permanent, and I hope their relatives found out about all those videos. I want people to hear how you allowed a scripted moron to call you a N-ER and Black F-K as they devalue you as a man of color.


The moment, I saw that Caucasian play a police officer and call that man of color a “Black ass NER” on camera, I knew the people behind the scenes wasn’t ish either.

They’re only seeking ratings and money and even if they allowed that Black man to make an arse of himself on camera they gave no F’s. That scene made me want to regurgitate. Smh, all of those low key provoking and insensitive scenes make me want to puke out of disgust. I have never seen something as degrading and disrespectful, until I came across some of those scenes.

These money making machines sit back and make millions off of our images, likeness, and performances on camera. Yes, there are THUGS within the African-American community. Why can’t they display Caucasian stereotypes on film? You don’t see those stereotypes in this in flicks, why is that? Well, it’s obvious why they wouldn’t make a mockery out of their own race of performers. You have a Black man in “Blackface” for  entertainment purposes “only.”

They sit back and laugh at these silly fools. I hope they feel good lowering themselves on camera like that. I hope they feel good inside after filming those scenes. I hope the little money they make is enough to buy them some self-respect. It wouldn’t be enough to cleanse out their conscious but then again, do they even have a conscious? They sign up for the ish!

Once again, I have nothing against interracial videos. I’ve had my share of good times watching them. My issue comes to play when a Black man can sit on camera and allow somebody to degrade him for money. No amount of money should let you take that abuse. I don’t care that is never acceptable.

Let’s not sit here and act like racism in online videos does not exist. What also bothers me is the fact the customers of those particular type of companies that feel like it’s okay for them to come at me, the same way. They view Black gay men as thugs and dummies willing to be degraded on and off camera.

Thanks to these fools allowing the verbal abuse and racist venom to be thrown at them for a cheap bag of penny’s.

I will never let nobody of any race to disrespect me or call me out of my name during or outside of the bedroom. They may not outright call us the N-word, but calling him a “Black FK” and say things like “your Black arse” is still in the same way of calling them the N word.

Black on Black videos aren’t any better. These “PAID PLAY-THUGS” do the most… The portrayal of the Black man in entertainment is downright disgusting. Yeah, it’s a FANTASY but at whose expense? The same stereotypical image used in these videos are giving people validation to use it openly on dating apps, etc. Why the hell would I want to be another man’s S master? What type of BS is that?

No, this post not directed at all Gay White men or interracial companies. There are some respectful lovely Caucasian Gay men out there, and I have met many of them. My problem is with those who want to use the stereotypes and also role-playing these racist arse “stereotypes” on film or in private.

I will forever see you as the opposite of “moon” on a video set working like a fool for peanuts and a few pennies. That’s the sad part that these men don’t even care about their reputations outside of being entertainers. Most of them who participate in those type of videos seem to only do it for money to feed their addition.

Disclaimer: I am not bashing Black Gay porn stars, who do interracial porn. This is only for those who do these “role playing” scenes and allow the other performers and filmmakers to degrade them. I REPEAT! This is not an anti-interracial Gay article, nor am I bashing BLACK GAY MEN who do INTERRACIAL Scenes.


Many of us don’t even consider ourselves “thugs” or also want anybody to view us in that light.

The stereotypes need to end starting with these damn companies. Find a new NICHE! Set up a new STORY LINE. We are not THUGS, and we all do not CARRY ourselves in that fashion or way.

As an African American man and witnessing other men of color to be called all types of derogatory names and terms bothered my soul.

UPDATE! I noticed they removed the particular clip I was speaking about. I’m sure if you look up ARMY69 you may come across one of their interracial scenes and overhear him call the Black actor many derogatory names. This post has over 10k views  and counting so I’m assuming somebody came across this and removed the clips.

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