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  2. Post a video of the song that comes to mind and reminds you of the day you met your ex or current boyfriend? I’m not currently involved with anybody so I’m going to post the song that was always playing when my ex was around.
  3. Harassment, Threats, Illegal Content, Spamming It’s pretty self-explanatory! Do not post any threats, illegal content, spam on the forums. Any violation to this will result in automatic ban of your account. Hate Statements, Racial Slurs Or Terrorist Speeches Will Not Be Accepted Or Tolerated! Harassment, hate speeches or any sort of personal insults will not be tolerated at all. Personal Information Be careful of the information you post on your profile, in threads etc. things like your location, number, email, etc could become problematic. Be cautious! Posting In Forum Rules Do not post duplicated content (search it helps a lot.) No copyrighted content meanings free music, pornographic torrents, etc. GMOC is my social club. I reserve the right to modify these rules at given any time for any reason with or without notice!
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