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The Lies You Tell, The Games You Play! 

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Nothing bothers me more than dealing or dating an individual who feels the need to lie, deceive and manipulate others to get what they want. This can be in the form of business exchange, relations, romantic interest, sex, etc. 

Please do not play a victim and then turn around and commit the very thing you claimed somebody has committed against you. 

It's like when a person who has claimed to have been cheated on, turns around and then cheats on you. You can't say one thing and then act another way. That's hypocritical and phony. I can not tolerate or accept a fraudulent ass individual. 

Unfortunately in our dating world, we come in contact with a lot of these frauds. A lot of these men present themselves to be one way but only turn around and show you their true colors with no fuck to give insight.

I just dealt with a lying ass dickhead. He told me how he was interested in me cause I presented traits that he often doesn't see in other guys. He told me his ex did him so wrong and he lost faith in love. He has been in the hospital and I literally have given up my own personal time to comfort him. I made it MY BUSINESS to show him something DIFFERENT. 

This is the problem I have with a lot of these men. They want something good until they get it. Then it's almost like they don't know what to do with it. They don't feel like they (themselves) can meet up to the expectations and standards in which you have presented to them. They become insecure, unsure and completely incapable. 

The moment you show a person that you're truly who you say you are and deep down inside they know they're nothing that they claim to be. They will ghost, run, reject, deny and basically have a change of heart. Now they don't know a damn thing. They can't respond to your calls or texts. They nowhere to be found at all. 

What bothers me, even more, is when I discover the fact that everything you cried about dealing with you ended up being your damn self. You claimed you don't cheat but you were cheating. You made statements of being honest but all you ever did was lie and be dishonest. 

It's a game to a lot of these guys and they are willing to lose to win. It's a waste of time to waste time talking to a person when you know you're intentions are not pure. Nobody gets nothing from playing stupids games but stupid prizes. 

Believe half of what you hear and all of what you see.

This individual painted himself to be such a good guy but ended up becoming a true monster in disguise. 

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